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Inter-dependence Day
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Independence Day feels a little different for a sensitive soul like me out here in the middle of the ocean.

It is true that I was born and subsequently raised on a land that was taken from someone else...but I was born there and therefore felt like I had some small claim and right to be there.

That is not so much what I am feeling today.  And so, though I don't spend much time usually thinking about what these hallmark holidays actually mean...today, it's requiring a bit of re-framing.

And I think it's just in time.  Just past this solstice marker on this horse year which is all about movement and quick decisions.  I woke up feeling not right this morning and checked in to see what would ground me, what would flip this heaviness I feel....

And it came to me.

The trigger is the word Independence.  I've worked so hard my entire life to be independent.  I have fought for it. 

I even made myself change out of being the kind of acupuncturist that the world seems to be looking for (which was my dream) and started channeling this completely different energy...maybe because the Aquarian in me longed to be even independent from the work and traditions that were finally making sense to me.

So I'm sitting here, looking at the beauty all around me.  I fed the cats and dog and fish and chickens...I talked to the neighbor horses, I watched the goats playing, and I realized that more than Independence...which I must say has led to much loneliness and frustration....what I want to think about today, all day....is Interdependence.

Interdependence Day!

Why must there be this focus on separatism?  I gotta tell you...I'm so over that!
It doesn't feel good to me anymore.  I'm not sure it ever did.

So that is how I've flipped today.  It was easier than you may think.  I revisited every moment since I woke up and merged with it.  With the cats and dog and chickens and horses and goats and fish....with the water and the sand and the trees and sky and the sun and the birds.

I sat in such luxurious harmony...simply resonating with the world around me.  And let me tell you...that feels amazing.  I highly recommend it!

Happy Interdependence day my friends!  Happy indeed!
The Horse Year Apex
Are you on track? 
I wrote a blog last week that I think you may like if you didn't see it.  It's purpose was to remind you of the immense possibilities available to you this year!  And while we are at the median almost...there is so much time to take advantage of the glorious expansion available to you.

Grab hold....and get to galloping!

I'm wishing you the most profound experience of connection, gratitude and expansion today and everyday.  I'm wishing you the joy of true insight that is acted upon---even if that means doing nothing.  I'm wishing you a peace that rises to the surface like little bubbles, tickling and creating wonder in your life!

Have a beautiful month sweet friends!  You are in my heart.

Elisha F. Weinberg
Elisha Weinberg Alchemical Acupuncture