e-Newsletter             July 2, 2019

Stones With Meaning
To any other person the above pile of stones may be in fact, a pile of stones, however to Narayani Hiffman they are so much more.

I was so glad when Grace Karoluk, Countryside Landscape Designer, came to me and said, "I have a great story for the e-newsletter!" Without hesitation she placed a call to Narayani and I'm delighted to share the story behind this pile of stones.
Three years ago, the Hiffmans decided to take a long vacation in Ireland. Not only did the immediate family go, but Narayani's mom decided to join them in Ireland. They toured Ireland enjoying the culture, the landscape and the beautiful stone fences that were built throughout the countryside. 

Fast forward to January, 2019, Narayani's mom passed away. 
Many of us know what challenges come with moving forward after such a life changing event. So many things trigger memories...
While at her mom's house looking at all of the rocks her mom had gathered over the years, Narayani had a thought, "the stone walls in Ireland!"  With a phone call to Grace, a design was drawn up. "If you can get the rocks from your mom's house to your house - we would be happy to build you 'Ireland Garden Walls'." The above picture is of some of the rock piles...
Spring finally came and Countryside's Natural Rock Specialist, Miguel Zambrano, and his crew built beautiful rock walls around Narayani's gardens. Beautiful in the way they were built, reminiscent of Ireland - moss and all, with rocks from her mom's home and a trip to Ireland that they will never forget.
Thank you for the opportunity  to share your story with others. Enjoy your gardens and may your rock walls always put a smile on your face and warm your heart.
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In the community:
As Raue Center for the Arts floral sponsor, it was fitting for us to be  the floral sponsor for their latest fundraiser, the 6x6 Project Art Auction.  Kudos to our Floral Designers: Amanda Nicolai ICPF, ICD, Suzie Koeppen ICPF, ICD, Carleen Daly and Christine Wagner for creating stunning floral works of art to accent the reception that was held
 Saturday, June 29!  We are happy to have been able to display their floral arrangements and help raise money to support the  Arts in our community!

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