Happy International Book Lover's Day!
"Sit back, relax and READ! Don’t forget to share the joy of reading with the young people in your life. Inspire them with your favorite novel or take interest in the last book they took off the shelf. Read to the littlest of the up and coming readers, too!"
- HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBookLoversDay, National Day Calendar
August 9th is International Book Lover's Day, a day dedicated to those who love books and reading. At LCNV, we believe that reading is an integral part in the development of literacy skills. It opens doors for individuals to pursue knowledge and enjoyment! During our teaching process, we especially make a point to emphasize to our students the importance of reading for family education. The picture above was taken during one of our Family Learning Program classes, where the instructor spends time showing students around the local library and introducing them to books. As the class teacher Elizabeth puts it, "we want our students to experience the community library and to see books as a resource they can use to continue to work toward their personal goals. Books can help with English and practice, as well as provide relaxation and fun."

At LCNV, $100 can support 2 learners to get the books they need for a whole school year. These books will not only help them to hone their English skills, but also provide them the necessary knowledge and cultural backgrounds to make their lives in this country a little bit easier. On this special day, if you would like to support our learners, please consider making a donation. But more importantly, we hope you are able to grab your favorite beverage and spend some quality time reading that book you've wanted to for a while, but just haven’t had a chance.

Happy International Book Lover's Day!
*Donation may qualify for tax credit in Virginia. For more information, please check here.