Happy International Women's Day!

Celebrating 37 Turkish Women Ambassadors
Serving Across the Globe,
and the Turkish Women Who Made History
The Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC) is proud to commend the 37 female Ambassadors who represent the Republic of Turkey across the world on International Women's Day.
1. Armağan İnci Ersoy: Paraguay
2. Artemiz Sümer: Phillipines
3. Ayda Ünlü: Cambodia
4. Ayşe Berris Ekinci: Cuba
5. Ayşe Hilal Koytak: Kuwait
6. Ayşe Saraç: Cameroon
7. Ayşe Sözen Usluer: Oman
8. Berin M. Tulun: Namibia
9. Burcu Çevik: Rwanda
10. D. Ela Görkem Gökçe: Dominican Republic
11. Ece Öztürk: Colombia
12. Elif Çomoğlu Ülgen: South Africa
13. Esen Altuğ: Slovenia
14. Evren Akgün: Thailand
15. F. Ceren Yazgan: Georgia
16. Fazilet Dağcı Çığlık: Luxembourg
17. Füsun Aramaz: Romania
18. Gülin Dinç: Chile
19. Gülsun Erkul: Latvia
20. H. Aslıgül Üğdül: Slovakia
21. H. Oya Tunga Çağlı: Ecuador
22. H. Yonca Özçeri: Côte d’Ivoire
23. Hayriye Kumaşcıoğlu: Estonia
24. H. Nurdan Erpulat Altuntaş: Trinidad and Tobago
25. K. Nilvana Darama: Belarus
26. Lale Ülker: Portugal
27. Meltem Büyükkarakaş: Botswana
28. Merve Safa Kavakçı: Malaysia
29. Özlem G. Ergün Ulueren: Ghana
30. Serap Ataay: Burundi
31. Songül Ozan: Montenegro
32. Ş. Serap Özcoşkun: Bolivia
33. Şebnem Cenk: Equatorial Guinea
34. Şebnem İncesu: Zambia 
35. Tülin Erkal Kara: Macedonia
36. Yaprak Alp: Ethiopia
37. Zeynep Kızıltan: Mozambique
Notable Women in Modern Turkish History
Güler Sabancı: Turkish Businesswoman
Güler Sabancı is the chairperson of Sabancı Holdings, the second-largest financial firm in Turkey. She was featured in Forbes as the 60th most powerful woman in the world (2014).

She has also been recognized with the Clinton Global Citizen Award and Raymond Georis Innovative Philanthropist Award.
Leyla Gencer, Turkish Operatic Soprano
Leyla Gencer performed in more than 70 operas in her career. After retirement, she spent her time mentoring young opera singers throughout Europe. She passed away in 2008 at the age of 80.
Yildiz Kenter, Turkish Actress
Yildiz Kenter is a Turkish born actress who starred in Turkey's most famous films, including Agaçlar Ayakta Ölür (1964) and Ayse, My Daughter (1974). She starred in over 20 films and dozens of plays, including "I, Anatolia”, in her distinguished career.
Kara Fatma: Turkey's Heroine from the
Turkish War of Independence
Kara Fatma was a decorated war heroine in the Turkish War of Independence. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk approved Fatma to command a militia group, comprising of 43 women and 700 men. She was twice captured by Greek forces, but managed to escape both times. Her unit was one of the first to enter Izmir during the Liberation of Izmir on September 9, 1922.
Sabiha Gökçen: World's First Female Fighter Pilot
At age 23, Sabiha Gökçen was the world's first female fighter pilot and commercial pilot. Though women were not being accepted into the Turkish Military Academy in those years, Ataturk enlisted her in the Turkish Aviation School. Though Gokcen aspired to be a special forces parachuter, she found her strength in leading bomber squadrons against anti-government militias and organized crime groups in the Turkish southeast. She received the Murassa Medal for this operation.

One of Istanbul’s international airports was named in her honor. Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is the world’s third largest single runway airport and serves more than 35 million passengers a year.
Safiye Ali: The Modern Turkish Republic's First Female Physician
Turkey's first female physician. Safiye Ali earned her medical license in 1916, and opened her own practice in 1922. Before that, she treated Turkish soldiers in the Balkan Wars and World War I.
Turkish Women in Sports
Turkish Women’s Volleyball Ranks 10th in the World
The Turkish National Women’s Volleyball Team finished the 2018 World Championships in Japan to rank 10th in the world! 
Turkish Women’s U-19 Soccer Qualifies for
UEFA 2019 Elite Round
The Turkish Women’s U19 National Soccer routed South Cyprus 3-1, Azerbaijan 2-0, Ireland 2-0, and drew 1-1 with Austria, to qualify for the Elite Round of the 2019 European Championship finals that will be held in Scotland.
Turkish Women’s Basketball Ranks 10th in the World
The Turkish National Women’s Basketball Team finished the 2018 World Championships in Spain to rank 10th in the world!
TASC's Executive Women
Ms. Carri Connor, TASC Programs Director, and Ms. Oya Bain, TASC Secretary General.
Ms. Nevin Bakir, Member of TASC's Executive Committee, Leader and Organizer of TASC-NY