July 1, 2021

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Critical Race Theory Cartoon

Graphic courtesy Jeff Crowe of Frisco

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not "racist," as Senator Ted Cruz has said, nor is it being used to teach children in public schools to hate America or that they themselves are racist. It is not Marxist or Communist, and does not ban critical thought. And it's a graduate-level legal study that is not taught in a single K-12 public school in the state of Texas.

What is really happening is that conservatives "are targeting any teachings that challenge and complicate dominant narratives about the country’s history and identity." Last year's massive, nationwide protests against racism and police killing of Blacks and other people of color accelerated discussions about history, about why we still have all these Confederate monuments around, and sparked a deep reckoning about the nature of racism in the United States. Conservatives need some way to keep their base angry so they will turn out to vote, and have returned to race as a reliable way to energize their supporters.

CRT, rather than considering individuals racist, "actually shifts emphasis away from accusing individuals — in history or in the classroom — of being racist, which tends to dominate liberal discussions of racism." Instead, it offers tools for shifting public policy to create equity and freedom for all. Isn't this what all Americans say they want, a society that is truly color blind? But in order to create that society, we must work to remove structural racism from government and society at large. CRT offers a framework for that.

The Texas Tribune published a definitive primer on CRT, linked here, and quoted above.

Read More (The Texas Tribune)


Happy July 4th from Collin County Democratic Party

Independence Day, the Fourth of July, never seemed to me to be a particularly partisan holiday. After all, it commemorates our nation’s birth, that day a couple days after the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 2, when people who had once been subjects of King George III of Great Britain celebrated declaring that relationship “dissolved.” Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have celebrated Independence Day with parties, picnics, and fireworks; with family, friends and community. We’re all Americans, and we all love our country, right?

Yet in these politically polarized times, even patriotism has become politicized. The former President talks about forming a “Patriot Party” as an alternative to the Republican Party. Right wing groups, including some here in North Texas, call themselves some variation of “patriot,” such as the “Star Patriots” of Frisco, the “Collin County Patriots,” and the "Allen Area Patriots." The mob that rushed the Capitol on January 6, waving U.S. flags (which they used to beat police) called themselves “patriots." Are these people truly patriotic? And if we Democrats celebrate July 4th, are we somehow aligning ourselves with them?

No, of course not. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a patriot as “one who loves and supports his or her country.” Rallying behind a would-be dictator who tried everything he could to overturn the electoral will of the American people and who encouraged his followers to stage an attack on the government that he himself led is the opposite of patriotism. No, they are not patriots. These are people who declared war on our country. If they love a country, it is not this country. In this country, the candidate who receives the most votes wins, the other candidate concedes, the newly-elected official takes office, and we move on as one people, together. That is how democracy works, and it is the bedrock upon which our government is built. The Republican Party, and many elected officials and people who identify as Republicans, have turned their backs on democracy and on our country.

We Democrats support and strive for free and fair elections where everyone eligible can vote, and every vote counts. But a free and fair society is more than just elections. We seek a healthy nation where everyone has access to healthcare, where workers can earn a living wage, where childcare and education are rights available to all. We seek a nation free of systemic racism in which opportunities are truly available to all. A patriot strives to build a nation that provides these things.

Why wouldn’t a patriot fight for that? Our nation’s founders wrote lofty words that we have yet to live up to, but if we are truly patriots, we must try. In the Declaration, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal,” and that they are given certain "inalienable rights," including those of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Lofty words, indeed. But it would be 89 years and a bloody civil war before America abolished slavery, another 100 years before legislation guaranteed civil and voting rights to the descendants of those enslaved people, and even now, 56 years after that, we have a long way to go for a society that is truly free and equal for all Americans. We fight for change not because we hate our country, but because we love it so. We strive for a more perfect union.

It was revolutionary in 1776 to throw off the yoke of a monarch and declare government by the People. Celebrate our nation’s founding on July 4th. Recognize how far we’ve come. But never forget how far we have yet to go. Keep fighting, patriots.

Jeffrey Quiggle

Communications Director

Collin County Democratic Party




Debbie O'Reilly

Debbie began her career in politics as a Precinct Chair in Allen. Soon afterwards, she took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator for an Allen City Council candidate, immediately followed by managing the campaign of a candidate for Texas Congressional District 3. Following that role, she became the Candidate Committee Co-chair for Women Organizing Women Democrats and soon became the organization's President.

As Executive Director, Debbie plans to unify the sharp leadership of the Election Apparatus of the party to steer us towards victory across Collin County in 2022.

Matt Leahy

In 2008, Matt was captivated by the vision of another Black man of mixed race, and adopted the values of the Democratic Party as his own. As a 16 year old intern in 2010, Matt began pursue his dream of realizing the promise of Obama’s presidency and helping to make progressive ideals evident in policy. Since, Matt has been trained by organizations like Democracy For America and the DCCC, to be an effective political grassroots campaigner and candidates he has worked for currently serve in the Texas House and Senate, on El Paso City Council, and on Texas’ 8th Court of Appeals.

Matt now also serves as the State Democratic Executive Committeeman from SD-8, the same senate district he grew up volunteering in.


Register Collin

The REGISTER COLLIN campaign takes a break this weekend for the Independence Day Holiday.

We'll resume working to register voters the weekend of July 10. Sign up below!

Learn about the REGISTER COLLIN campaign.

#Blue2022 #RegisterCollin

Register Voters
Phone Bank
A Closer Look At Collin County Politics

Commissioners Court: The commissioners continue to try and prevent public speakers who don’t agree with them. They’ve previously charged one citizen with contempt of court and created rules of decorum intended to stifle dissent. This week they put off the public speaking portion by holding a close to two-hour executive session to discuss pending legislation. If the commissioners held their executive session at the end of the meeting like they usually do, it wouldn’t have been a problem. However, by holding it directly prior to public comments, we ended up with 3 public speakers instead of the 6-7 who initially came to speak.

Per usual, the consent agenda passed 5-0 without public discussion. I’d sure like to know how the commissioners decide what’s “routine” (which means the item goes into the consent agenda) and how they’re going to vote on these matters. They don’t have a work session and Darrell Hale insists they don’t discuss items outside of the public view. There were several contract renewals in the consent agenda. How do they determine who’s awarded contracts? (Read More)



Walk with McKinney Dems in McKinney July 4th Parade

The McKinney Democrats have an entry in this years' Red, White, and BOOM parade in McKinney. The parade will be July 3rd at 10 a.m. - it is the only July 4th parade in Collin County, so come cheer us on!

If you need to get your steps, sign up to walk with us! Wear your Democratic gear, and enjoy a day celebrating our country. Click the button below if you need to order a McKinney Democrats shirt, or wear any BLUE shirt.

When: Saturday, July 3, 10 a.m. (Meet at 9:30 a.m.)

Where: Downtown McKinney

Meetup location: Cross streets Lamar & Tennessee, across from the Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library.

Join the Parade!
Order McKinney Dems Shirt


Drinking Liberally Collin County

Kick off the Independence Day holiday weekend with fellow liberals at Drinking Liberally Allen!

The left-leaning but non-partisan group gathers at PINSTACK every 1st Friday, starting at 6:30 pm, but come when you’re able. Happy hour pricing ends at 7.

When: Friday, July 2, 6:30 p.m.

Where: PINSTACK Allen, 635 Central Expy N, Allen

RSVP for Drinking Liberally


Allen Area Democrats Meeitng 7-11-2021

Join the Allen Area Democrats for our July in-person meeting at Rudy's BBQ. Join the club, have some barbecue, and meet your fellow Democrats.

It's time to recognize the hard work of our activists, celebrate our successes, and plan for the future. Join your Allen Democratic community, get inspired, and get ready to make a difference.

Guest speakers will include Michele Ingalls, who will be talking about how we can register voters and help make our community more democratic (and Democratic!).

HEALTH NOTICE: We're very happy that our community is wearing masks, getting vaccinated, and protecting themselves and our community so that we can begin hosting in person events like this one. If you are not vaccinated or are otherwise vulnerable, please consider staying home. We look forward to seeing all of our fellow Democrats in person soon.

WHEN: Sunday, July 11, 5 p.m.

WHERE: Rudy's BBQ, 1790 Central Expy N, Allen

RSVP for Allen Dems


Dem Club Heritage Ranch.png

Speaker's Forum

Dr. Misty Hook, Local Politics Director for the Collin County Democratic Party, will present “The Battle for Democracy Begins at Home.” Dr. Hook will talk about local activism and other opportunities to participate in local politics.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 14, 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

WHERE: Heritage Ranch Golf & Country Club, 465 Scenic Ranch Cir, Fairview

More Info


Joe Jaworski Event Graphic
Joe Jaworski Event Organizing Committee

McKinney, the hometown of Texas Attorney General (and felony-indicted) Ken Paxton, is ready to show him the door. Please join us to meet Joe Jaworski, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, and help rid Texas of Ken Paxton. Details: The Sanctuary in McKinney, 6-8 p.m. on Sunday, July 18. Suggested donation $50 for individuals, $75 per couple. Wine and appetizers will be served.

Event is sponsored by McKinney Area Democrats Club and the Host Committee: Angie Bado, Mark Phariss, Cissy Oldner, Debbie O'Reilly, Carol Scarborough, and Manu and Jagreet Lail.

When: Sunday, July 18, 6 - 8 p.m.

Where: The Sanctuary, 6633 Virginia Pkwy #102, McKinney

Suggested Donation: $50 individual, $75 couple

RSVP for Jaworski


EmboldenHER Community Political Action Training 2021

The Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at Texas Woman's University will be hosting campaign workshops on July 14 and July 31. They are free, virtual, and nonpartisan, with an emphasis on helping women run for office.

This free, virtual workshop series will help attendees with the basics on how to prepare and run for office in Texas. The two-afternoon series will feature workshops and speakers covering topics like getting started, selecting a treasurer, profiling a district, working with political parties, getting out the vote, precinct walking, messaging, fundraising, and more. We'll have workshops with consultants, Q&As with noted officeholders, and panels with women officeholders and candidates sharing their experiences running for office.

Sign up for one afternoon or sign up both! The events are virtual via Zoom. They are open to anyone in Texas. Our schedule of events includes:

Saturday, July 17, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Session 1: First Steps

Keynote + Q&A: Delilah Agho-Otoghile, Executive Director, Harris County Democratic Party

Session 2: Party Support and the Basics of Precinct Analysis

Panel Discussion: Voter outreach and meeting your voters

Saturday, July 31, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Keynote + Q&A: Justice Eva Guzman, Texas Supreme Court

Session 3: Messaging

Panel Discussion: Media, Social Media, and Messaging

Session 4: Fundraising

To register, please visit our Eventbrite.

Collin County Democratic Party Physical Office is closed due to Coronavirus Concerns until pandemic conditions allow us to reopen

The CCDP physical office is closed until further notice for safety. Our office staff are, however, working for you from home and available by telephone at 972-578-1483 or contact us on the web at collindemocrats.org.

Check our Online Events!

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