Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over... it turned into a beautiful butterfly!!l

Brea kthroughs are li ke that...  one moment we feel so uninspired, disconnected, discombobulated, out of alignment, and to ma ke matters worse, we may not know why.  After all, we've been doing everything right; or at least we thought we were...  meditations, prayers, affirmations, intentions, forgiveness, acts of kindness, letting go, surrendering...  I could go on! Well, perhaps before the actual brea kthrough or during the chrysalis (transition) stage we're not clear about the magic that's happening to support our transformation. Nothing we're aware of assures us that we'll come out the other side inspired and ready to fulfill our dreams.  But, wondrous things are indeed happening.  We are absolutely giving birth to our new selves through living more from our hearts and being our authentic selves...  we're stepping further into the light of our own Divine essence. And, there's not a day that goes by when we're not actively creating miracles, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.  The brain continues to rewire, the body is still recalibrating the influx of energies, and while we may still be experiencing a myriad of symptoms (headaches, sleepless nights, tiredness, lapses in time, lac k of patience with the mundane, etc.) we are reminded that we are definitely emerging magnificent, brilliant 'butterflies', with opened wings and ready to fly!

Are you ready to fly?  Close your eyes and imagine your flight... then spea k the words... words have a living vibration, so spea k out loud, and as you spea k feel your body fill with the power of your words...  sing if you are moved to do so... most of all feel the energies, the frequencies soaring and coursing through your entire being. Let the wave of exaltation ta ke you to heights you've imagined you could reach.  With the power of God within you, claim your dream...  you dreamed it, so be the living vibration, and manifest it!!  We have not become magnificent butterflies to go flitting about aimlessly...  just li ke the butterfly, just li ke everything in nature, and everything in the universe, we Have a Purpose!

If you could use a little help simply as k ArchAngel Michael to place 3 rings of Golden light all around you.  Then...
  • Mediate on some threshold you are having trouble crossing in your life... work, home, relationship or the door to greater peace.
  • Breathe steadily and look to yourself to see if you are carrying too much to open the door.
  • Breathe slowly and with each out breath put the things you are carrying down.
  • Breathe freely now and open the door.

                                      ~ Mark Nepo  

          Remember this is a universal 8 year....            manifestation, creation, abundance, prosperity!



June 21, 2015   
The date for the Summer Solstice vibrates to the number 8 this year! 
  6+21+2015 when reduced to a single digit = 8

The year is 8 (2015), and the date is 8 (6/21/2015). Golden opportunity...  If you can, do a ritual, or attend a Solstice celebration where you can set intentions for yourself, your family and the world on this powerful date.  With your spiritual gifts and tools (crystals, water, candles, etc.) allow your energies to merge with the power and vibration of number 8 as you shift into a dimension where you create infinite possibilities for your life. 

Summer Solstice Meditation
from Renata Ash

Also on June 21st,  
To every man who is or will father a child... 




May we all be exalted in a
Divine Expansion of our Hearts and Souls!

  We are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE!
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