Together, we will create a vibrant, intergenerational cohousing community in Novato, California where we know our neighbors well and live more sustainably.
June 2021 Newsletter
Thursday June 3rd - 8:00 to 9:00 pm

Raising kids in cohousing is the best - and that's no joke! Join other C Street members with children in discussing the benefits of raising children in community.

Please email to obtain the link to our online meeting room. In your email please state which event you would like to attend.

“Interior space can ennoble a human being.”
- Frank Lloyd Wright
In August, 2020, C Street Village cohousers expressed their wishes for our cohousing space. Lynn started the conversation by relating what the children of C Street Village Cohousing wanted—to know everyone, to have open doors and to be safe. Carol is looking forward to friendliness and greeting one another. Kelly is looking forward to doing things there, at home, on the site which would take so much less effort than doing things now. Dale is looking forward to support, openness and the sense of a shared purpose. Margaret wants a physically beautiful space with flowers and trees as we gather and share outdoors. Thomas is looking forward to having lights and electricity when everyone else is suffering from a power shortage! Joselle wants to know people at a deeper level, learning about other people’s interests, helping out and even doing them together—music, green things (gardening and plants) and Kombucha. 
Rebecca is looking forward to hearing the sound of children playing, as it was near her home growing up. She also wants plants to “earn their living” by either flowering or being food. Elena said that just by offering oxygen they are “earning their living.” Stan desires that we have a positive influence on the surrounding community. Judy would like to feel a calm, relaxed atmosphere where she can be herself and not worry about having to put up any facades. She wants a sense of beauty to permeate the space as well as the joy of play, laughter, humor and levity. 
John sees the possibility of a net zero project and is encouraged by what we have done to implement this. He also sees the space as welcoming where people are at ease, celebrating life, good times and good relationships. Cat wants a sense of light, space, air, nature peacefulness and calm. Krista desires a sanctuary of beauty where there is peace, companionship and love. When asked what symbol or image might summarize our intentions, Lynn offered olive oil explaining that this represented abundance, enjoyment, and hospitality in simplicity. Cat saw the image of a flower with a clean white wall symbolizing growth and beauty. Judy asked everyone to take that symbol or image as an intention to begin to bring these energies to the space/site whenever we thought about it or even put it under our pillows as we dream each night.

Our Second Volunteer Effort with Novato Baylands Stewards
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If you are interested in learning more or reserving your home, please contact us at You can follow us at our website Growing awareness is essential, but what we really need are future neighbors seeking to live in community in the 2022-2023 timeframe. We understand that commitment takes time. So please join us at an upcoming meeting as we continue the momentum toward securing our site and designing our community. We are in contract on land and making progress.

We can only do this together. Please join us....and send us your thoughts.
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