Happy June 1st!
Thank you to many of you who have already sent in your Attendance and Report Cards! If you have not done so yet, please email Beth a copy and send hard copies to:

ACA Main Office
PO Box 805
Anderson, CA 96007

Last minute tip: email Jo Ann at aca_hs_director@yahoo.com to let her know the hard copies are in the mail.
20-21 Academic Year starts
August 24, 2020!
We are excited to be thinking about next school year. Registrations are open for new families, so please let others know about our program. We'd love to serve even more elementary students and their families this year.

"Garden of Eaten" Planted
Our very own Kisded Family has had a vision to plant a little community garden right on campus! They have pulled weeds to prepare the beds, planted starts, and figured out some irrigation too!

Stay tuned here for details on monthly summer garden tending parties! You are invited!
Stay Tuned for Summer Movie Nights
One of our favorite "inventions" during our Covid-19 season of online classes included Online Movie Nights.
Here's a summary of Online Movie Night!
  1. We select a movie and set up a Google Meet or Zoom where everyone logged in at a certain time, said hello, and showed everyone their movie snacks!
  2. Everyone watches the movie in their own homes
  3. Another Google Meet or Zoom to share what viewers thought or what parts they liked.
Outdoor Graduation Celebration!
We are hoping that we can gather for an Outdoor Graduation Celebration on Sunday, July 26th with all four graduates. In addition to Nadia and Ken, Joy Swoffer and Emma Ziegler are also graduating with private ceremonies later this summer. We are so proud of each of our seniors!
Congratulations, Class of 2020!
Go Be the Light! (Daniel 12:3)
Private Swim Lessons
This sweet Christian family just posted that their high school daughter is teaching private swim lessons this summer at their home in Santa Rosa. Just passing it along if you have interest!
Yearbook Pictures Needed
Yearbook is in the works!
Please share any graduation pictures you took or others you've taken of ACA activities. Here is the link to the folder. The last date to add pictures is June 15th.

Sound of Music - Take 2!
We are planning on Sound of Music for the 20-21 School Year! Since many important parts of SOM have been made, planned, purchased, etc, we have decided to try again this coming year!

Since not all of our original cast will be available, we will be re-casting some very important roles. Please email Mrs. See to let her know if your child is interested. 4th grade and up are eligible to audition. bsee@acasc.net

The hills are STILL alive! :-)