Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal ~ April 2021 
Happy Khmer New Year!
On 13th of April, we celebrate the beginning of Khmer New Year. It is also the birthday of a special young woman, Tabi Hansen, who from far away in California, has been very instrumental in changing lives of the Cambodians.
From a very young age as a Brownie in Girl Scouts, she had shown a remarkable empathy and commitment in helping children and families in Cambodia. From collecting toys and clothes to fundraising for wells and latrines, she had grown in her contributions and ideas. She inspired her family and friends to donate to her Piglet Project, where many poor rural families were given a pair of piglets to grow, breed, pass on and sell.  

In celebration of her 15th birthday, she has committed to raising $1,000 for her newest project – books that specifically encourage and celebrate girls. Tabi has surpassed her goal and raised over $1,600 which will purchase over 1,600 books so that our 12,562 kids visited by our Mobile Tuk tuk libraries in 42 schools, can borrow books to read at home.
Happy 15th Birthday Tabi & Thank you!
Child’s Dream Cambodia Funds Seeds
While we continue dealing with Covid-19 in Cambodian countryside, we are grateful for support of Child’s Dream Cambodia who generously donated $17,000 so we can help 75 farmers with seeds and plants to grow vegetables. The crops will be used to feed local families and also sold at the market, so the farmers may gain an income.
Additional School Receives Free Breakfast
One of our teachers brought to our attention that the Bongkoung Primary school in April Commune, with 85 children, was in danger of closing as their breakfast program ceased to function. We approached Elsie Gung, (past president 2019-2020) of Rotary Club of Central Hong Kong and she immediately rallied the members who came to the rescue with $1,500 and the promise of more funds during the year.

Oftentimes, breakfast is the only warm & protein enriched meal children have in a day. 

Rotary School Toilet Blocks
While waiting for the Rotary Global Grant to wind through a lengthy approval process, the Rotary Club of Sentosa, Singapore, sprung into action and donated funds for toilet blocks with wash stations at two schools in Angkor Thom area, which were built as a pilot project. 

Recently, we were advised that the Rotary Global Grant was approved for $52,000 to build Toilet blocks in 7 schools.  There is a second grant for $40,000 which will provide another 5 schools with toilet blocks. 

Well done Robin Tan, who has been persistent in submitting the proposals until they were accepted.
SE Asia Foundation Funds Student Teachers’ Training
Under the benevolence of Bill Taylor of the SE Asia Foundation, CCDO has spread our influence in English teacher training. We are starting a new training program in the Provincial Teacher Training CollegeThank you so much for the $6,000 donation which will be matched by the Ministry of Education.

Our specialized teacher training team of Sitha, Bunsrak and Sothea, will help guide student teachers in how to be effective when teaching English, They will be working on motivation, methodology, pronunciation, and grammar so that the new teachers can hit the ground running when they graduate. 
Dental Program Enhanced
Together We Can Change The World (TWCCTW) committed another $2,000 to add to their $5,100 dental program. The specific target is to treat kids in pain with dental decay and take them to see a dentist for immediate relief.

CCDO has banned sugar from the school campus and are continuing with the dental hygiene program.

ASEAN Advisory Panel
CCDO felt the need to start an ASEAN Advisory Panel, so they could advise the team on best way of growing the organization and keeping in sync with the Asian Culture. The esteemed panel is made up of effective leaders, who are also committed humanitarians in Asia. They hail from Macau to Hong Kong to Singapore plus Cambodia.

We are honored that they have already contributed to our success and are willing to roll up their sleeves and help CCDO grow to its full potential.
Sokun Set, Memoire Hotels, Siem Reap

Steve Swartz, Rotary Club Phnom Penh Metro

Robin Tan, Rotary Club Sentosa, Singapore

Chu Yang Keng, IX Architects, Pty. Ltd, Singapore

Mary Mendoza, Platinum Ltd, Macau

Ronald Khoo, Food For Good and Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.