Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal – April 2022
Health in Schools
During the past year, Texel Foundation has funded our Health in Schools program. CCDO staff has the full cooperation of the Angkor University that is sending their 3rd year nursing students, to conduct basic health checks to children in rural schools. Additionally, CCDO has trained one teacher in each school to become the Health Monitor and conduct workshops to spread the basics of health with posters on how and when to properly wash hands and correctly brush teeth and report any cuts and bruises. We regularly provide toothbrushes and toothpaste to all students. 
Each monitor is spreading the word through creative ways and posting on social media.  

Thanks to Katy Beechey and the trustees of Texel Foundation, CCDO has been granted $34,000 to expand this important program significantly to 510 district schools and bring basic health and hygiene awareness to 75,000 children. 
The Belgium Connection
Our Executive Director Leangseng was sponsored to travel to Brussels, Belgium to learn about their health system and study their community development. He met many people such as entrepreneurs, university leaders, and hospital staff. He gave a presentation on community health nursing development in Cambodia at Thomas Moore University to approximately 450 health students (bachelor, master, and PhD) who participated in the forum. 
Community Farmers Breakfast
Last September, we received a generous donation of $39,000 from the Katz Foundation.

The funds were invested in the community as seed money to help 239 farmers grow food for the community and to be able to sell and make a living. After 3 months, the initial money was paid back. The funds were then reinvested for a second round to 239 farmers ( 122 for vegetables and 117 to help raise pigs for meat.).

The returned funds will be used to sustain our free breakfast program of feeding 2,000 children daily.

Within 3 months, there were 22,635 meals served to hungry kids.

Rotary WASH in Schools
Continuing their philanthropic work our amazing sponsor, Rotary Club Sentosa, Singapore, together with the Rotary Global Grants, has provided $32,828 in funding for another 5 toilet blocks with wash-stands in rural schools.

This brings the total of toilet blocks to 19 schools. Approximately 10,000 children can now safely use the toilets with dignity and hygiene. RC Sentosa, Singapore has submitted another 3 grants of 5 toilet blocks each plus 3 to Rotary Global Grants brings the total to 32. Thanks to the RC Sentosa, Singapore team leaders Michael Quek, Robin Tan and Abe Jacob.
A beautiful and bright 4th Preschool building has been completed in honor of Jaqueline Marie Riley. Her son, Jim Riley, has honored his mother by donating $7,500 for the building of the preschool. Jacqueline has passed on at the venerable age of 96 last May.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday just got sweeter for Tabi Hansen whose proud mama, Jenn Forney, donated $1,000 to provide lending libraries at two rural schools. A generous donation to honor Tabi who has been rallying our cause since she was a little girl. Hope to see you back in Cambodia soon!
Staff News

Due to the high demand for our Digital Literacy training we have employed an additional Digital Trainer. Bunchhern Chhoeur will help bring the many school principals and teachers from the government schools into the digital era. He will be building on the basics and also how to use various new applications such as Zoom and Telegram for effective communication. 
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.