April 2017 Dream Journal
Cambodian Community Dream Organization
The year of the Rooster, 2561 BE (Buddhist Era) will begin April 13th. We will have much to crow about this year!
10th Anniversary Celebrations begin
Chris 'Bunny' Warren, 25, is running the Virgin London Marathon for CCDO UK on 23 April 2017. Chris' day job is as a DJ and music producer, taking him all over Europe. Chris is also a part-time sailor in the Royal Naval Reserve, a part of the British Navy. He is based at HMS Forward in Birmingham. We are all proud of his dedication and are cheering Chris' fundraising effort and wish him every success on the day. If you were or are a runner or wish that you could be, show your support for Chris! Click Here.

Still time to donate as London Marathon is on 23 April. £400 raised so far but need to raise £1,000.
Please donate all monies raised for CCDO UK through the Virgin Money Giving Marathon with Reference 850698.
We will be running for CCDO in Siem Reap Marathon on 3 December.
On the Ground Report
Staff Change
Welcome Sophorn Touch to the team as our new Executive Assistant. She comes with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from BBU and six years experience as Accountant, the last three spent at the Cambodian Center for Study and Development.
Ordinary people can do
extraordinary things
that make a difference
in the world,
one child at a time.
International Women’s Day
For International Women’s Day, the students from the TaPang school marched with signs and posters in support of women's rights! Boys and girls together brainstormed and celebrated the importance of their mothers, sisters and all female members of their community. We want our boys and girls to grow up respecting and valuing each other, working together to make better life for their families and beyond. The Community came out to cheer and encourage their message. Our teachers from both Kiri and TaPang schools in the meantime attended a sexual abuse prevention workshop.
Our Global Giving project benefitting our girls program has surpassed the $1,300 mark. We still need $13,000. Consider making a recurring donation. Click Here.

10 Years = 10 Stories
The students from TaPang school had a unique opportunity to create with our volunteer Graphic Designer from Michigan, Brian Bibi, during his 12-day visit to Siem Reap. Ten students were directed to create ten drawings that show their everyday life, dreams and hopes for the future. The artwork will help to create ten 22-page books all about their story. Available in April on Amazon and as perks through a Crowdfunding project to support a dedicated Art Program & Teacher.
We can see how the constant encouragement of creativity in our Library Arts & Crafts Program has changed the students' self -expression from just copying pictures to creating their very own.
Volunteer News
Through the years we have been blessed with some outstanding, passionate and dedicated international volunteers. It is very rewarding to see volunteers return to Cambodia for another stint or continue to work as our ambassadors spreading our message and advocating for our cause when they return home.
Our former sports volunteer Peter Gatt from Australia gave Aud$2000 to continue supporting our sports program.
Welcome to Arnaud Bazillais from France who will stay until middle of July. He will be working on fundraising and grants. Warm welcome also to Sarvesh Sethi from India who will join the reporting team and help in our WASH program. He will stay until end of June.
We say a fond goodbye to Harriet Foden who has stayed with us twice as long as anticipated and has been so helpful in managing Reporting and taking on all sorts of extra responsibilities.
Goodbyes also to the husband and wife volunteer team of Bryan Bintliff and Mal Zacharia. Bryan has helped with Campus Support and Mal has been our in-house Graphic Designer, responsible for scholarship Videos, our FB postings, and revamping many of our signs.
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