"Based on EPA’s assertion that the carryover RINs amount to approximately 15 percent of the total renewable fuel volume, if those RINs are applied just to the conventional renewable fuel, that means at least 2.25 billion gallons of renewable fuel could be in the form of paper and electronic transactions rather than actual gallon volumes of renewable fuel   displacing finite, carbon intensive petroleum." Read More
Nucleus Ag & Bio-Products' Vertex DDGS Enhancer offers ethanol producers a product that is designed to encapsulate DDGS fiber and absorb excess moisture. Read More
Twenty children from Farm Camp Minnesota visited the Guardian Energy ethanol plant in Janesville Aug 13 to learn about renewable energy production . Read More
Formed by BBI International in 2015, D3MAX’ corn fiber-to-cellulosic ethanol technology converts the fiber and residual starch in wet cake (wet distillers grains) into cellulosic ethanol. Read More
Eden Prarie-based HRST specializes in technical services and product designs for Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), waste heat boilers, power boilers and steam turbines. Read More

USDA Memo Encourages EPA To Account For Small Refinery Waivers A recent memo sent to the EPA by the USDA Office of the Chief Economist shows the USDA believes the EPA should account for the impact of small refinery hardship waivers for the 2019 RFS .  Read More

Industry Faults EPA As Cellulosic Ethanol Production Lags The EPA faces a backlog of applications from companies that want to make cellulosic biofuel from various feedstocks and have them qualify under the RFS . Read More

Advanced Fuel Dynamics Announces Performance Flex Fuel Systems For UTVs Advanced Fuel Dynamics’ PROFLEX Commander turns a gasoline-powered UTV into a flex fuel vehicle capable of running E85 or any mixture of ethanol and gas. Read More

Six States Account For More Than 70% Of US Ethanol Production Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, and South Dakota collectively produced 265 million barrels of fuel ethanol out of the U.S. total of 367 million barrels . Read More

Grassley Says EPA No Longer Considering Export RINs The Iowa Senator said the EPA is no longer considering export RINs as a potential compromise for year-round sale of E15 . Read More

EPA Chief Does Little To Calm Iowa Farmers' Fear At a meeting with Iowa government and industry leaders, Wheeler did not say the agency would cease the waiver process, only that he would provide more transparency to the waiver process . Read More

US Grains Council Explores Potential Ethanol Demand In Chile and Argentina Increased global bioethanol use is only a well-constructed policy decision away in markets like Argentina and Chile. Read More

DDGS Diets For Beef Cattle DDGS are an excellent energy and protein source for beef cattle in all phases of production and can be effectively used as an energy source with DDGS comprising up to 40 percent in cattle rations . Read More

E15 Sales Takes A Beating From RVP Ban E15 sales in Minnesota plunged 46 percent in June as the EPA's annual antiquated RVP ban on E15 to non flex fuel vehicles during the summer months took effect.   Read More

Future For Mid-Level Blends Hangs In The Balance With Proposed CAFE Rule The EPA and Department of Transportation's proposal to freeze Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards at 2020 levels could derail a promising future for mid-level blends of ethanol. Read More

Ethanol Production Capacity Continues To Increase E thanol production capacity in the United States reached more than 16 billion gallons per year, or 1.06 million barrels per day, at the beginning of 2018 according to the Energy Information Admnistration. Read More