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Hello ,


Happy Labor Day!
     I hope you are enjoying the holiday. I love this holiday because it is always the beginning of a new chapter. The last quarter of the year causes me to reflect on my resolutions and how far along I've really come this year. (Yes, the training products are almost finished - FINALLY!) It's a time for me to re-look at my "BIG-PICTURE" connection to what is truly important and make sure I didn't get side-tracked with all of the time-consuming distractions that show up on the surface of life.

As a singer, there is a simple way to keep these things in perspective: Knowing where you truly sing from and aligning with that on a daily basis. If you do this, you will always be an empowered singer.


When I ask singers, "where do you sing from?" I typically get 2 answers. The heart... and of course, the diaphragm. 
Both answers are right, but they're only partially correct. After all, singing is THE SOUND OF YOUR SOUL!


You'll learn:  
  • Why Your Voice Responds To How You Think And Feel About It
  • How To Feel Good about Your Voice
  • Daily Breathing Practice To Cultivate The Core Of Your Voice  
Just visit the latest entry in my Singspiration blog for this month's vocal goodies!

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Sing to me soon,





Dot Todman
Your Vocal Empowerment Coach
C.O.R.E. Vocal Power´┐Ż, Founder
Dot's Voice Studios 


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