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September 2016 

Labor Day  is not just a typical a day off from work, it is a reward for a year of hard work! Created the late 19th century as a  "workingmen's holiday" and made into a federal holiday in 1894, the day pays tribute to the efforts and achievements of American workers. Learn more on History.com

How do you plan to reap the rewards of Labor Day?  By spending the day at the beach or the pool? Possibly attending a backyard barbecue or a neighborhood street party? Regardless of how you spend it, enjoy the long weekend! Relax and have fun!

Katy Cook, CSP
Marketing Coordinator

Birthday Wishes from RealStreet!

 A very Happy Birthday to:

  • Nina O. - 9/2
  • Willie R. - 9/9
  • Takia G. - 9/14
  • Kenneth A. - 9/23
  • Helen B. - 9/23
  • Montez D. - 9/23
  • Chris D. - 9/30
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    What's New at RealStreet?
    RealStreet Awarded a SeaPort-e Prime Contract!
    What does RealStreet's SeaPort-e Prime contract entail? 
    • The contract period of performance: June 2016 - April 2019
    • The contract has been awarded in three (3) zones: Zone 2 - National Capitol Region, Zone 3 - Mid-Atlantic, Zone 4 - Gulf Coast.
    • RealStreet is qualified to work in all functional areas. 
    This is a great growth opportunity for RealStreet! We look forward to building new client relationships and further expanding our capabilities. Keep an eye on our job board, exciting opportunities are right around the corner!

    Learn more about the new contract on RealStreet's SeaPort-e webpage.
    Interesting Industry Information
    How Does the Job Market Look?
    The U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a m onthly jobs report  soon after the beginning of each month. Each report describes the previous month's employment situation, based on data such as the number of jobs that were added to the economy and the unemployment rate. 

    The July report shows U.S. employers added 255,000 jobs while unemployment remained at 4.9%.  For more information, check out the BLS' interactive graphs.

    According to an  analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), t hirty nine states added construction jobs between July 2015 - July 2016, while construction employment only increased in twenty three states and the District of Columbia between June and July 2016.  According to Stephen E. Sandherr, chief executive officer of the AGC,  "while there is slack in key segments like infrastructure and parts of the country that are struggling economically, many of these declines likely have more to do with firms not being able to find workers than not being able to find work. "
    Featured News Post
    You Deserve A Better Job - 
    Five Signs  it is Time to Look for New Opportunities
    Are you satisfied in your current position? As a talented, hardworking professional you deserve happiness. Whether you have been treading water in the same position for years or have recently come to the realization that your role is not an ideal long-term fit, it might be time to consider a change.

    Read the full post for five signs it might be time to begin looking for a new job. 

    Seasonal Safety Information
    September is National Preparedness Month
    September is National Preparedness Month (NPM). According to Ready.org, NPM "serves as a reminder that we all must take action to prepare, now and throughout the year, for the types of emergencies that could affect us where we live, work, and also where we visit." The site provides a plethora of information and tools to aid in the education of others as well as for your own preparation. For example, the toolkit features the FEMA mobile app, which provides safety tips, weather alerts, emergency updates and more.
    10 Safety Tips for Motorists
    Fall is a time for hay rides, leaf peeping and pumpkin picking. It's also a time when road and weather conditions make getting there a little tougher.  Stay safe on the road this season with these smart driving tips: 

    Don't brake on leaves. Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice. Drive slowly through them and avoid hard braking. Leaves may obscure lane lines and other road markers, so pay attention to the edge of the road and take care to stay in your lane, advises PennDOT.

    Avoid sun glare. On and near the autumnal equinox (which falls on September 22 in 2016), the first 15 to 45 minutes after sunrise and before sunset can make for more difficult driving due to sun glare. The sun perfectly aligns with east/west roadways during this time. Grab a good pair of sunglasses  for the daytime, keep your windshield clean and use north/south streets or streets with tree cover when possible, says the National Weather Service.

    Use your rain smarts.  During fall, many cities see increased rainfall. When it's raining, be sure to maintain a  safe distance from the car in front of you , as the wet roads may be more slippery than usual and you may be at higher risk of hydroplaning. Use your low beams or fog lights (never high beams) in fog conditions, says the Minnesota Safety Council.

    Be careful on bridges. As the temperature begins to drop, morning frost can leave icy patches on bridges, overpasses and shaded spots on the road. Slow down.

    Adjust your eyes. We lose 1 to 2 minutes of daylight daily after the autumnal equinox according to the National Weather Service. After leaving home or the office and before hitting the gas pedal, give your eyes time to adjust to the dark, advises the Minnesota Safety Council. It takes them between 2 and 5 minutes to start adjusting.

    Watch out for deer. Autumn marks the beginning of deer breeding season and they will be more active in areas near the road, says the PennDOT. Deer are most active during sunset and sunrise, so be extra watchful when driving near the woods and near deer crossing signs.

    Make sure your vehicle is up to the task. That means you should:
    • Check your tire pressure. Tires lose 1 to 2 pounds of pressure for every 10-degree temperature drop, according to the Utah Safety Council.
    • Replace your windshield wipers. A really clean window can help you see when there's glare.
    • Adjust your headlights. If your headlights seem too dim, ask your mechanic to make sure they're aligned properly.
    The aforementioned tips are an excerpt from SafeBee.
    Playing Pokemon Go 
    Pokemon Go garnered a great deal of attention last month. It is a game that utilizes a mobile app to collect Pokemon. Pokemon can be grown, hunted and trained They can even have battles! The game even encourages users to get outside and be more active. Sounds innocent enough, right? 

    Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the mobile app became more than a fun pastime for many users. For these individuals, the hunt for Pokemon did not end when they reached their workplace. They used their time on-the-clock to further their digital goals. 

    Employers have begun cracking down on this behavior because it: 
    • Wastes time (possibly leading to otherwise unnecessary overtime)
    • Raises safety concerns (as players often become too immersed in the game and accidentally hurt themselves)
    • Opens networks up to security breaches (if downloaded on a corporate device hackers could gain access to sensitive data)
    Keep your hunt for Pokemon to your personal time, outside of the office. It will keep you safe and your job more secure. Still use common sense when playing. As stated by SafeBee, i f you choose to use Pokémon Go be careful to:
    • Download the right game from a trusted source. Knock-off games are already available for download, putting malware on your device.
    • Know where you are. Avoid restricted or questionable areas such as a dark alley, construction site or private property. Stay away from places such as the police station or hospital to help avoid getting in the way.
    • Pay attention to the people and things around you. Knowing where you are and having patience will help allow others around you to stay safe. Play the game with a friend who can help watch out for danger.
    • Don't drive and play at the same time. It is important to follow all of the traffic rules to help keep you and others safe.

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