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Fall is the traditional time of year to overseed and install new fescue lawns. Late August through the middle of October is the preferred planting window. Lawns are sprayed two weeks before aeration and seeding to give time for weeds to be killed and the soil ready to receive seed and fertilizer. It's not pretty, but a necessary step in turf renovation. Seeding a fescue lawn in the fall is the best way to maintain a healthy stand of fescue grass.



We core aerate twice, overseed with a Tall Turf Fescue blend, and apply a starter fertilizer. For irrigation clients, systems are set for light frequent sprinklings several times a day. For areas not covered by irrigation or for non-irrigation clients, we suggest a consistent (daily) watering of at least one inch of water per week.


Weekly maintenance continues as normal to assess germination progress and to observe areas for spot seeding. All contracted services are performed weekly, but grass is not mowed again until new grass is rooted sufficiently in about two to three weeks. Existing grass will look a little tall, but the wait is necessary for a complete process.


Aeration and seeding is one of the most valuable things you can do for your lawn beyond, mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Year-round maintenance helps balance the challenges of mother nature with consistent attention and appropriate products and procedures.



Our resident horticulturist Jamie Kent has shared the beauty of her garden with us this summer.

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Swallow tail butterfly feeding on Joe-Pye weed blooms

Eutrochium is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants in Asteraceae. They are commonly referred to as Joe-Pye weeds. They are native to Eastern North America and have non-dissected foliage and pigmented flowers. It includes all the purple flowering North American species of the genus Eupatorium.


Rex begonia Shadow King Moonlight

A great container plant for shady areas.
Must be brought inside for the winter months, does well in indirect light inside.  
Stokes Aster
Sun perennial that attracts butterflies and bees.
        Yellow Torenia
  Cascading annual   for pots or hanging baskets. Does well in semi-shade and morning sun locations.


Purple Oxalis

Pretty foliage plant for indoors or partial sun outdoors. Can be perennial if planted in large pot with good drainage.




Canna lily-'Striped Beauty'

This canna lily performs well as a container plant. Plant in a heavy pot to support the 4-5' plant mass.

Does best in all day sun or at least afternoon sun.


Fall is the traditional time of year to overseed and install new fescue lawns. The preferred planting window is from now through the middle of October. The following steps provide optimum results:
1. Lawns are sprayed two weeks before aeration and seeding to give time for weeds to be killed and for the soil to be ready to receive seed and fertilizer. Spots will appear in turf as weeds die.
2. Irrigation heads and other sub-surface objects are flagged before service is performed.
3. Grass is mowed short. Lawn is raked and blown of all debris to expose the soil so new seeds make contact with dirt.
4. Core aeration is performed evenly across the lawn for little or no damage to existing turf.
5. Overseed with a tall turf fescue blend and apply starter fertilizer.
6. Begin proper watering. The success of aeration and seeding is a commitment to water.
7. Keep lawn area moist with light frequent sprinklings several times a day until seed germination. In the absence of rain, be aware when the ground becomes too dry and water appropriately.
8. Monitor for at least two weeks or until seeds are rooted before mowing.
9. Do not mow turf until germination has occurred and new seedlings are rooted in sufficiently.
10. Stay patient and enjoy the results.

We wish you and your families a wonderful Labor Day.

Our office will be closed on Monday, September 1st.

Normal schedule will resume on Tuesday, September 2nd

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