This week the KBA hosted 2 Active Shooter trainings for our members and met for in district congressional meetings with Congressman Hal Rogers and Congressman James Comer.
Bob Thorton speaks to KBA members during the Active Shooter training in Owensboro.
Bob Thorton Training KBA Members in Frankfort.
Active Shooter training at the KBA Headquarters in Frankfort.
KBA Members meeting with Congressman Hal Rogers.
KBA Members meeting with Congressman James Comer.
Along with new additions this year, like the Broadcasters Cup golf scramble, we have planned a fun conference jam packed with including intensive training sessions for MANAGERS, MARKETING REPS, ENGINEERS and PROGRAMMERS, lots of great food, live entertainment, honored awards and numerous special guests. View the Conference schedule by clicking here.

Come for the reunion, stay for the training, you don't want to miss 2018!

Registration is now open   click here to register today! The deadline to register is Friday, September 7, 2018.

( Lodging is complimentary October 8-9; reservations must be made through the KBA. )

Golfing with us? Out of town golfers get an additional complimentary night stay on Saturday, October 6, 2018 and the option of ordering our Nike Inaugural Broadcasters Cup golf shirt pictured above.
Be part of a FREE community wide training event to end suicide in Louisville
Question. Persuade. Refer. Help Louisville Save Lives...

This group now seeks to save lives and help Louisville set a world record by training the most individuals in one week in the technique of Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR). Similar to CPR, QPR is a 90-minute training course designed to support an...

Read more
Stations using the SAGE Endec model 3644 should update their firmware before the September 20th national test. Users can go to  to download the new firmware.

The following districts are up for election this year; District 2, 4, 6, 8 as well as the Public Radio Director and the Louisville Market Television Director. If you are unsure of your district,  please click here . Links to nomination ballots were distributed to stations via management emails at noon on August 17, 2018. If your management/company has not received the link to your nomination ballot and you are a member of one of the above districts or would like to make a nomination, please contact Liza Livers at  or (502) 848-0426. Nominations must be received by close of business on Thursday, September 6, 2018.  The election will begin Monday, September 10, 2018.
Chris Winkle
KBA President/CEO
While September is one of those months with neither EEO reports nor Quarterly Issues Programs or Children’s Television Reports, that does not mean that there are no regulatory matters of importance to broadcasters. Quite the contrary – as there are many deadlines to which broadcasters should be paying attention. The one regulatory obligation that in recent years has come to regularly fall in September is the requirement for commercial broadcasters to pay their regulatory fees – the fees that they pay to the US Treasury to reimburse the government for the costs of the FCC’s operations. We don’t know the specific window for filing those fees yet, nor do we know the exact amount of the fees. But we do know that the FCC will require that the fees be paid before the October 1 start of the next fiscal year, so be on the alert for the announcement of the filing deadline which should be released any day now.

September 4 - the FCC on Monday released a  Public Notice  setting out all the deadlines that must be met by TV stations that are being repacked following the Incentive Auction. With September 14 starting the testing period for TV stations assigned to move to their new channels in Phase 1 of the repacking, this notice is very timely. The notice talks about the deadlines in the transition and the various notices and public education requirements that stations early in the repacking schedule should be contemplating right now. The Public Notice also notes that any Phase 1 station that is unlikely to meet the required November 30 deadline for completion of their transition to their new channel must file an extension by September 4.

September 7 - the first day of the Lowest Unit Rate window for the November election. 45 days before a primary or 60 days before a general election, political candidates (whether Federal, state or local) can only be charged the lowest unit rate that any commercial advertiser is paying for advertising spots of the same class that are running during the same time period.

September 19 - the deadline for filing TV shared services agreements. In its 2017 order reconsidering the FCC’s decision in its last Quadrennial Review of the ownership rules, the FCC decided to retain the previously announced requirement that TV stations file shared services agreements with the FCC. The FCC gave stations 180 days to comply for any agreements that were already in effect at the time the new rule became effective (new agreements being required to be filed “in a timely fashion” once entered into).

September 20 - the next Nationwide Test of the EAS system, and the obligations to submit information about that test to the FCC. The first of those forms, ETRS Form One, providing basic information about each station’s EAS status is due today, August 27. Form Two is due the day of the test – reporting as to whether or not the alert was received and transmitted. More detailed information about a station’s participation in the test is due by November 5 with the filing of ETRS Form Three. Also on the EAS front, comments are due by September 10 on the FCC’s proposal to require stations to report on any false or inaccurate EAS reports originated from their stations.

September 25 - the date that annual regulatory fees are due to the FCC. Click on the link for more detailed information:
Training from RAB
Secrets to Fearless Negotiation
Enter as a GUEST using your FIRST AND LAST NAME.
Audio: over computer or 800-244-2500, PIN 550122#

Contact Adobe Support at: 800-422-3623. International support numbers are available at

To contact RAB, call 800-232-3131 or email .
One-Hour, Live SELLER Webinar

(11:00 am Eastern/10:00 am Central/9:00 am Mountain/8:00 am Pacific)
(4:00 pm Eastern/3:00 pm Central/2:00 pm Mountain/1:00 pm Pacific)

Presented by: Jeff Schmidt
Failsafe ways to be unflappable at the negotiating table, reduce your stress, and negotiate the deal you want with confidence. Plus insights on negotiating tricks your clients use and how to counter them with class.
Learn to:
• Prepare yourself to enter any negotiation with confidence
• Recognize and counter common manipulations
• Negotiate a deal that ends with everyone happy
Coaching Low Performers to Greatness
Enter as a GUEST using your FIRST AND LAST NAME.
Audio: over computer or 800-244-2500, PIN 550122#
Contact Adobe Support at: 800-422-3623. International support numbers are available at
To contact RAB, call 800-232-3131 or email .
One-Hour, Live MANAGEMENT Webinar

(1:00 pm Eastern/12:00 pm Central/11:00 am Mountain/10:00 am Pacific)

Presented by: Jeff Schmidt
Many managers dread having the performance discussion with their lowest performer. But low performance doesn’t necessarily mean your employee isn’t cut out for the work or is unmotivated. Hidden in many under-performers the heart and desire for performance greatness.

Learn to:
• Find what’s really keeping them from achieving
• Develop a coaching relationship and end the parent-child dynamic
• Manage with standards rather than wishes and hopes

John Tkac answers LIVE broadcaster questions! In this segment:
How can I get a dealer’s attention and how can I get a meeting with them?
What are your thoughts on using a radio DJ for an endorsement?
When it comes to creative in selling used cars, is it effective to feature a vehicle or two and list the price?

Mark Levy shares some great tips on how to reduce the tension inherent in telling a prospect that they are wrong about you or your station. Incorrect assertions need to be addressed and the way we do so makes a huge difference in the probability of building a stronger relationship with that potential client! ]

You know all about Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but did you know that the month of November also includes Cupcake Day, Sandwich Day, and MANY MORE days and weeks dedicated to different items and activities? Sally Kohn is here to fill you in on these and help you start thinking about ad campaigns and promotions that will help you to make more money!
October 8, 2018 @ 9:30 am CT, KBA Annual Conference, Bowling Green
Broadcasters Cup Scramble
October 7, 2018

KBA Annual Conference
October 8- 9, 2018
Bowling Green
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