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September 4, 2020
Labor Day Facts:
  • Labor Day is celebrated annually on the first Monday of September.
  • The holiday initially intended to celebrate labor workers as a direct response to harsh working conditions of the late 19th century.
  • Today, Labor Day is more commonly associated as the unofficial last weekend of Summer.
  • The first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5th 1882 in New York City, sponsored by the Central Labor Union.
Patient Success Stories at VIM
Recently a patient at VIM, who had symptoms of gallbladder disease since 2016 received a cholecystectomy and is doing well.

The patient had visited the ER multiple times and was told her problem was not serious and needed to follow-up with her primary care doctor. She was uninsured without a PCP so called VIM and was eligible for services. The VIM Clinic Care Team had concerns and ordered a PIPIDA scan. The results showed the patient's gallbladder was only functioning at 16%.

The VIM Social Worker immediately helped the patient apply for emergency medical assistance but was only given two weeks of coverage and was unable to get surgery scheduled within that time frame. Several calls were made to the Department of Welfare in Harrisburg and finally a case worker was assigned to the case.

VIM is proud to announce that because of the staff's persistence and follow up care, the patient had a cholecystectomy at Geisinger at the end of July, 2020 and is relieved of all pain.
A 43-year old patient who has been meeting with VIM's Clinical Pharmacist, Dr. Kimmy Nguyen for the smoking cessation program recently completed his first smoke free week. He began smoking at age 14 and agreed to try Chantix in hopes of quitting.

He made consistent progress by March and was cigarette-free before relapsing due to the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic. In June, VIM invited the patient in for continuation of face to face behavioral support and medication adjustment to assist him in finally quitting.

VIM is proud to assist this patient in his journey towards living a healthy, smoke-free life!
Volunteers Needed

VIM has a dedicated group of volunteers but the need for free medical, dental and behavioral health services has increased exponentially through the pandemic. The Clinic is in need of the following volunteers:

Volunteer Dentists
Volunteer Nurses
Volunteer Receptionists
Volunteer Physical Therapist

Here is what some of our volunteers are saying:

"I enjoy volunteering at the Volunteers in Medicine Dental Clinic. When I arrive for my shift, Darcie has everything organized with scheduling and supplies which allows patient treatment to be my priority. The patients truly appreciate the dental care they receive at VIM and each and everyone says thank you. Helping our neighbors in need is a worthy cause and I hope more dentists will spare the time to volunteer." -Dr. Joe Carr, volunteer dentist.
"I volunteer because I want to be part of the healthcare delivery system being offered through VIM. My role supports all patients and allows me to take my nursing oath of supporting a medical team to provide compassion and care to those in need."
- Theresa Myers, RN, volunteer nurse

"I enjoy volunteering as a front desk receptionist at VIM because I'm part of a team that provides a positive experience for people seeking quality healthcare. My interaction with the patients fosters a strong sense of purpose. Helping others." -Janine Bolacker, volunteer receptionist.
What they are saying about VIM...
"I have been a patient at VIM since 2018 and mainly seen in the dental clinic. Chris the Nurse and Darcie the Dental Manager are very efficient and can solve all problems. They are all very nice and I hope I speak for all the patients when I say that I am very thankful to have a place like VIM to help people. I do not take for granted the care and services they provide to the uninsured." Brett is a 45 year old male that has been seen numerous times for dental and medical issues.

Wilkes University Pharmacy student Eric Pincofski has this advice for future interns," Get to know your patients, they will come to love you".

Misericordia University student Alex Carroll says," The professional atmosphere at VIM is the perfect transition from a college to the workforce".

Welcome to our New Students

Wilkes University Pharmacy student Kelsey Evan, left, said, "I have always been interested in helping others and loved the idea of working with Dr. Nyugen in this setting".

Wilkes University Pharmacy student Tayler Nalesnik, right, enjoys her time at VIM. "I have an interest in public health, so when I got the opportunity to spend 5 weeks at VIM I immediately said yes".
When asked why she chose Volunteers in Medicine, Arizona State University medical student Alexandra Cuddy said, "My family has a connection to VIM and I wanted to gain experience in an environment with kind and familiar faces".
Misericordia University Student Tavion Rogers said, "I am very passionate about individuals gaining access to proper health services, and VIM is the perfect organization to directly help the community."
Wilkes University Post-Graduate Pharmacy student Sydney Lovett is pleased to be at VIM "To help provide quality care for those that may not be able to afford it"
Support Volunteers in Medicine

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Thanks to the Citizens Voice
The Citizens Voice has been a supporter of VIM for over 10 years. Recently they provided inkind advertising to thank the sponsors of the 2020 Gala. They also helped get the word out about two recent national awards that VIM received by printing our press release. As a nonprofit 501 c 3, VIM has limited budgeted funds for advertising so the support of our local media is greatly appreciated.

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