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Stay in Touch with New Council Email Addresses!
Amberley Village is committed to keeping lines of communication open and accessible between residents and government officials. In this spirit, Amberley Village has incorporated Village-issued email addresses for Councilmembers into its digital communications protocol.

These measures unify the format, making it easier for residents to send a message when an issue comes to mind. The member's first initial followed by last name (no space) will get your message on its way to members of the Amberley Village Council.

Even easier, visit our website and just click on the links to reach your elected officials !
Ongoing Fire Training Promotes Village Safety
Amberley Village Fire Simulates Rescue on Patrisal Court
Amberley Village Police-Fire Department recently took advantage of a unique opportunity to utilize a house scheduled for demolition on Patrisal Court to conduct a live simulation training.
Firefighters, including members of the Police and Maintenance departments (who also serve as firefighters), participated in hands-on simulation training which included engineering, hose advancement, search and rescue and SCBA air management.
Ongoing training of key life-saving skills is a vital part of what enables Amberley Village staff to serve in multiple roles. Not only does this maximize tax dollars, but it allows personnel to better know and understand the needs of residents. Trainings such as the one on Patrisal are critical. Take a look via the link below!

March Elections are Just Around the Corner
In addition to marking your calendar with key dates as listed above, be sure and check out your polling location and ballot items before heading to the polls with this handy online info generator! The Hamilton County Board of Elections offers tools which allow you to check your voter registration, find your voting precinct and polling location, view a sample ballot - and even find out where and how to vote early! Questions? Contact Hamilton County Board of Elections at 632-7000.
From the Amberley Village Tax Office
Check your W-2s
This time of year, as you are receiving mail marked “important tax return document enclosed,” please take a moment to review any W-2(s) you receive. 

Please note: If the wrong municipality is withheld, it does not automatically get transferred to the correct location. Why pay a city or village you do not live or work in?

Credit for other municipalities
Our Amberley Village income tax rate is 2%, so credit for municipalities withheld is limited to 2%. 

For example: if you work in Cincinnati and 2.1% is withheld for Cincinnati you will get a credit of 2%. No refund will be due on the additional .1% Cincinnati withholds.

Check with your employer if withholding is not correct, or call the Amberley Village Tax Office at
531-0130 with any questions.
February Holiday Schedule

Presidents Day
Village Offices will be closed on Monday, February 17 in observance of President's Day.

Rumpke service will NOT be
affected by the holiday.

Recycling Contamination Awareness
Residents are encouraged to take a moment and review the following list of acceptable and restricted recyclables. Amberley Village continues efforts to increase its recycling conversion rate, which means less contamination of your recyclables!

Remember, do your part: when in doubt, throw it out!
Chief Wallace Named 1st Vice President for 2020 Hamilton County Police Association Executive Board
Chief Wallace began service with Amberley Village in 1996, and became the Village's Chief of Police in 2011.
Chief Richard Wallace was recently named as 1st Vice President of the Hamilton County Police Association, placing him next in line to serve as the agency's president.

Organized in 1937, HCPA was established to promote and further police work, cultivate cooperative relationships between law enforcement agencies, share information, and to benefit citizens collaborative law enforcement and preservation of order.

Chief Wallace has been awarded and celebrated for his ongoing commitment to collaborative law enforcement. He continues to represent Amberley Village in the spirit of neighborly giving and service to the community at large, which yields valuable results for the residents of Amberley Village.
What to Do in a Power Outage
Many residents call Amberley Village to inquire about a power outage, but did you know the fastest way to resolve your issue is to call Duke Energy directly at 800-543-5599?

Calls to Amberley Village Police-Fire Department not only prevent neighbors in need of emergency services from getting through, unnecessary calls tie up dispatchers on whom first responders rely for vital information and direction.

Duke not only has the resources to manage a large volume of calls, it actually helps them track the source of the power outage to know exactly which customers are being affected. Your reporting also helps ensure its outage maps are accurate and up to date.

Duke Energy also maintains expanded outage information, where residents can learn when to expect power to be restored and conduct online reporting, as well as a new mobile app, where residents can request personalized updates, manage accounts and track outages. Visit the website at, or call in your outage at 800-543-5599. You can save time, learn more, and contribute to the neighorhood's safety and knowledge - just by directing calls to the right resource!
Central Corridor Pipeline Update
The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB), which oversees public utilities in Ohio, recently approved Duke Energy's proposal to allow construction of the Central Corridor Pipeline ( see map right; click for larger view).

The decision was handed down in November, following three years of meetings, revisions and public discourse.

Several municipalities and a citizens group called NOPE have appealed the OPSB decision, citing safety as a major concern. A judge has ruled the OPSB must reconsider the case, however, re-approval will allow construction to begin in 2020. A completion date for the project, if reapproved, is set for 2021.

Why Participate in the Census?

...Amberley Village residents have a significantly higher life expectancy than both Hamilton County AND the State of Ohio!

Only census data can provide the official information that helps fund government programs and supports that benefit EVERYONE in our community. And it produces some super fun facts, too! Check out our website for more information about our community, and keep abreast of updates in each issue of the Village e-News through April 2020!

Amberley Village encourages all residents to participate in the 2020 Census!
Only a Few Community Garden Plots Remain!
Amberley Village is now accepting applications for the 2020 gardening season! Amberley Green hosts 36 garden plots for the April – November growing season, complete with deer fencing, access to a garden cart and water, and friendly gardeners to share in the experience...but they're going fast!

Plot size is 9 x 15, and rental cost for the season is just $50. Organic practices are utilized, so no pesticides or other chemicals are permitted. As a hub garden of the Civic Garden Center, monthly demonstrations of garden techniques and cooking ideas for produce are planned.

Interested? Fill out the application form below and email to   with the subject header “Garden,” or simply drop off at the Administration window in the Municipal Building. Hard copies are also available at the Administration offices.

Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications must include payment to be considered complete. 2/3 of the available plots are taken, and applications are only accepted until all plots are filled. Don't delay - time is running out!

Keep Catch Basins Free of Collecting Debris
There are approximately 778 catch basins maintained by Amberley Village Maintenance Department.
Amberley Village regularly asks its residents to help keep catch basins clear of debris. This is because of the vital role they in the storm water system.

Surface water enters the system through catch basins (also called storm sewers), and then travels to creeks through the storm water pipes. The Maintenance Department performs regular inspections to reduce the number of larger repairs. 

Residents can do their part to keep water from backing up and allowing only clean water to flow through by ensuring catch basins are free of debris. Remove leaves regularly, and refrain from blowing grass clippings into the street. Leaves left out for pickup should be in your yard at the curb, preventing them from blowing into the catch basin. Report issues to the Village Administration office at 531-8675.
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Amberley Village Council meets on the second Monday of each month
at the Amberley Village Municipal Building, located at 7149 Ridge Road.

The next scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, February 10 at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers.
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