Join us in Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr!
´╗┐Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day of remembering an incredible individual and movement. Born on January 15, 1929, MLK Jr. helped lead the civil rights movement in the United States during the 1950's and 1960's. Amongst other well-known leaders of the civil rights movement, such as Rosa Parks and Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr. shined, as he organized the first major protest of the movement and continued planning protests while having extremely impactful speeches. As a strong leader and orator, he helped guide the movement and give a voice to those who so yearned for it. Unfortunately MLK Jr. never got to see the process through, as he was assassinated in 1968, but his impact on history will always be remembered on this federal holiday.

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MLK Jr. Day as a Service Holiday
In 1994, this holiday turned into a national day of service and Americorps refers to it as a "Day on, not a day off". While many years has a lot of available opportunities to give back to your community, this year has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Refer to the links below for ideas of how you can help or visit us at Cedar Grove Barn to donate some clothing items to give back!