The Fairfield 33 Development Alliance is celebrating National Manufacturing Month by spearheading educational opportunities for local students in the community. Through October 19, five school districts in Fairfield County, including Lancaster City Schools, Bloom-Carroll, Amanda Clearcreek, Pickerington and Berne Union, are giving students the opportunity to tour local manufacturing facilities to ignite interest in manufacturing careers. Students will tour Midwest Fabricating, Nifco, Company Wrench, Worthington Industries and Diamond Power.

"Fairfield County provides exceptional educational opportunities for students, preparing the county for the next wave of skilled employees," said Steve Wigton, Lancaster City Schools Superintendent. "By exposing our students to our county's manufacturing workforce we are inspiring them to think about the next phase of their life, and hopefully that's in a career right here in Fairfield County."

The strength of the manufacturing industry is vital to the strength of the overall economy, and boasts advanced technologies, state-of-the-art facilities and fast-paced work environments. In Fairfield County, the manufacturing industry continues to thrive and grow at a rapid pace, providing quality jobs with global opportunities.  Ohio manufacturing is responsible for 18% of Ohio's Gross Domestic Product and provides an annual payroll of $39 billion, the highest total annual wages of any Ohio industry sector. Manufacturing accounts for 9.6% of all jobs in Fairfield County with an average annual wage of $50,871.  

"The Alliance has created its long-term economic development goals and strategies to establish and grow the community workforce, including the manufacturing industry, within the region," said Rick Szabrak, Fairfield County Economic and Workforce Development Director. "We are uniting the region to cultivate a community of growth and possibilities, and that starts with educating the next generation on the endless career opportunities that manufacturing has to offer."

For students looking to further their career in manufacturing, Ohio University Lancaster offers an Engineering Technology program that is designed to prepare students with technical skills needed for critically and creatively thinking through a complex problem by exposing them to real-world applications using hands-on lab courses. Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools offers a Pre-Engineering Technologies Program that also includes welding.

The Alliance has created the following video ( to highlight manufacturing careers.  Please share this with those that may be interested in manufacturing careers. Whether it's a student, the parents of a student, or someone looking for a career change, there are plenty of opportunities in manufacturing.

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