Timeline for College Planning
College Planning may feel daunting, here is a timeline of what you and your family should be working on divided by grade level.College Planning may feel daunting, here is a timeline of what you and your family should be working on divided by grade level.
Class of 2020
You worked hard and this isn't the ending you wanted. Please keep up the hard work academically. If you haven't made a deposit for your college, please do so. And most importantly, the final step in admissions is to make sure your final transcript is sent to the your college. We are asking our clients to drop us an email confirming their school choice.
One of things, we've noticed is that some of the colleges are going out of their way to make you feel welcome from zoom meetings to scheduling fall prom. Keep a positive outlook and stay healthy! And in case you missed it....the SGN's host John Krasinski has a virtual graduation ceremony for you on Sunday!
Class Class of 2021 of 2021
Are you ready for this? Your junior year is ending oddly, but you're positioned to have a great senior year. We've been working with our students on ACT/SAT prep and college research. Next up is building a school list. We will tackle the essay in June.
ACT and SAT Testing:
We get that fall admissions will be different. Our belief is it is best to go directly to the source. We are researching and monitoring different sources for relevant information.
Please keep practicing for the tests.
Do you have a summer job lined up? Don't let the summer go by without getting some real-life skills. Ideally, you'll get paid but don't overlook the community service opportunities. We'll work with our clients on school research.
It's not too early to look for leadership opportunities. From class representative to team leader, step up. Plus, you should really consider helping out in your community this summer, from the local pound to soup kitchen, the possibilities are endless.
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