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May | 5.25.2020
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Today's Highlights
  • Happy Memorial Day!
  • FAMU College of Education Receives National Accreditation!
  • FAMU DRS "Read With Me" Fridays
  • Summer Reading Boot Camp | Dr. Cheron Davis
  • HBCU Teacher Education Programs and COVID-19 Response
  • African American History Task Force 2020 Virtual Summer Institute
  • Student Spotlight | Tamra Fitzgerald
  • Alumni Spotlight | Melvin Middleton Jr.
  • Announcements and much more in this issue!
Memorial Day!
Here is a Wikipedia link to the history of Memorial Day.
Read more here.
CAEP National Accreditation Secured
FAMU CAEP Team Leaders and Faculty Secure National Accreditation
FAMU College of Education Receives Full Accreditation
The College’s bachelor’s and graduate-level programs were accredited
without areas for improvement or stipulations.

Special thanks to the entire leadership, faculty, staff and community members who assisted the College of Education in achieving this accomplishment.
Sheriff McNeil and Shonda Knight Celebrated Literacy at FAMU DRS Students for "Read with Me Friday"
Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil joined FAMU DRS middle and high school students for "Read with Me Friday" on May 22, 2019. FAMU DRS's "Read with Me Friday" events promoted literacy during distance learning by giving students a day each week to enjoy reading based on their interests outside of the classroom. 

Sheriff McNeil read an excerpt from "Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Freedom," the New York Times best-selling novel based on the true story of Walter McMillan, a man who was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death row for a murder that he didn't commit.
Bryan Stevenson , award-winning author of "Just Mercy," is the lawyer who fought for McMillan's freedom. Stevenson's work to overturn wrongful convictions continues through his organization, the  Equal Justice Initiative  (EJI). The EJI has helped nearly 150 families get convictions overturned for their loved ones.  
"Just Mercy" also a  critically acclaimed film  starring Jaime Foxx and Michael B. Jordan. 
Shonda Knight, former WCTV news anchor and current Executive Director of Media & Community Relations for LCSO will served as guest host for this week's Zoom event, giving students an opportunity to chat with Sheriff McNeil, and ask questions on topics they care about such as crime, justice, and equality. 
Events and Highlights | COE Engagement
Reading Boot Camp With Dr. Cheron Davis
Listen In | HBCU Teacher Education Programs and COVID-19 Response
Florida Department of Education Presents
Student Spotlight | Tamra Fitzgerald
Learn About Our COE Student Spotlight | Tamra Fitzgerald
Tamra Fitzgerald, a rising Senior Mathematics Education and Chemistry Education dual major, has been invited to the National Student Exchange program. This opportunity allows for Florida A & M scholars to take courses at other Colleges and Universities around the nation and internationally. The program highlights diversity and open-mindedness through intercollegiate study away exchange. Tamra will be one of 2,000 students who annually use the program and can choose between 100+ schools. Tamra looks forward to taking a trip across the states to the University of California at Santa Cruz. The Bay Area is where a portion of her family stays and she would love to experience the West Coast for a semester. “I am both elated and humbled to safely travel and delve into another states pre-service education program. The details of education systems can differ greatly from state-to-state and I hope I can return to Florida with innovative ways to better our learning environments.”
Alumni Spotlight | Melvin Middleton Jr.
Melvin's TOP 10 Nuggets of Advice to New Educators

Mr. Melvin Middleton is a 1997 alumni and proud #rattlereducator. Mr. Middleton is a K-12 certified educator and uses his platform to encourage new teachers.

Moving into my third decade as an educator, here are my TOP TEN for new educators.
  1. When you interview for a position, go into it with the thought that you are interviewing the panel as much as they are interviewing you. Do your homework. Every school and admin team will not be a great fit for you.
  2. As a new teacher, you are going to get stuff wrong. You will make mistakes, but the important things is to learn from them.
  3. If you struggle with classroom management or instructional delivery, ask an administrator or coach to come in and model what it is that you appear to be missing. If they are any good they will be able to show and not just tell without becoming defensive. Additionally, if they can’t do what they are asking you to do, then there is a problem.
  4. Give the profession at least three years before making a change (unless you absolutely hate it). There is a big difference in struggling because the work is hard versus not wanting to be there. Be okay with moving on to another school, grade-level, or content area.
  5. Identify and connect with positive mentors at work and in life. Too many people have traveled the road you are on before. So benefit from their wisdom and mistakes made.
  6. You are no less of a teacher if you apologize to your students (or their parents) when you mess up.
  7. Embrace living a life that is not exclusively defined by being an educator. You do not have to “be a teacher” 24/7/365. Have non-teacher friends and take part in hobbies and activities that you enjoy.
  8. Do not guilt yourself for taking a day off for self-care.
  9. If you have summers off, and you can afford to do so, travel, or take a fun job that may take you out of teacher mode (lifeguard, theme park worker, or even a summer camp counselor). You don’t always have to teach summer school or work summer enrichment programs.
  10. Treat every child like you would want a teacher to treat yours.
FAMU-DRS 2020 Virtual Commencement
Keep Up to Date | Social Media in the College of Education
Monday Wishes on the COE Website
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College of Education | STRIKE Vision Plan
S |   STRATEGIC INITIATIVES - The FAMU COE will align closely with the university vision and mission to implement programs designed to increase academic achievement across undergraduate and graduate programs. Increase the teacher pipeline by partnering with our local districts and those across the state.
T |   TRUST -  The FAMU COE will build trust and offer transparency to our internal campus community and external school and community partners. We will build programs and engage others with truthful and meaningful practices.
R |   RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION -  Recruitment and Retention | The FAMU COE will tackle the national and state teacher shortage crisis and implement new strategies to recruit and retain teacher education majors. We will grow our graduate programs and be proactive in identifying the needs and gaps in state certification and test achievement. We will create pathways for gains from our education candidates and follow them into successful careers.
I |   INNOVATION AND RESEARCH -  The FAMU COE will create innovative and immersive learning experiences for our learners will promoting a solid research agenda and providing rich research expertise. We will provide rich teaching and learning with immersive technology for undergraduate and graduate programs.
K |  K-20 SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIPS -  The FAMU COE will work closely as a key partner with FAMU DRS and surrounding county schools to identify the needs of the educational community and utilize our faculty, staff, and students to meet those needs.
E |   ENGAGEMENT IN THE COMMUNITY, THE STATE AND THE NATION -  The FAMU COE will increase the number of privately funded scholarships to support our students and faculty by promoting our programs and creating forums for exposure and visibility.
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