First and foremost, we'd like to congratulate all of you. It's tough being a parent during this pandemic. We are doing our best to continue to support new families. Being a new parent is difficult when life, work, and breastfeeding are going smoothly. When everything is turned upside down, the stress can really take a toll. We're trying to broaden our ways to support. 

1. Utilize our experienced IBCLCs with an in-person or tele-health visit! Call for an appointment: 215-886-2433

2. Sign up for a Community Counselor!(includes FREE continued support via phone/email/text by a trained peer counselor) 

3. Just have a quick question? You may benefit from our helpline: 215-572-8044. 

4. Virtual support group for all every Tuesday at 10AM:  Zoom link. 

5. For those families suffering from low milk supply, we have a special group just for you:  Zoom link.

6. FREE prenatal breastfeeding classes on Sunday mornings at 10 AM (excluding Mother's Day as we're having a special celebration!) 

What can you do for us? How about a donation in honor of that special mother in your life?
We would appreciate any help you can give!

Let's celebrate together! 

Join the BRC for a Mother's Day celebration! Please join us for a relaxing hour of coffee and conversation. Let's take a step back and celebrate the best we can - by communing together. Share how you're doing or just listen in - we can't wait to celebrate you!  

We've heard from many of you about your experiences during this time. Enjoy our latest guest blog post by Casey Ann Beck, one of the BRC's dynamic board members! I'm sure many of you will relate...

Breastfeeding and Quarentine-ing
Like most of you, I've been glued to the news over the past six weeks as COVID-19 has continued its global spread. What went from witnessing the virus's impact on countries across the world very quickly morphed into worrying about my own community in the blink of an eye. As a mother of three young children, my initial concern was protecting my family; we have been following social distancing measures, washing hands to the point of rawness, and monitoring where the little ones stick their fingers all day long. Read more.

Thanks again for choosing the BRC for your breastfeeding needs and Happy Mother's Day! If you're able, donations are needed to help us keep this program going. We've applied for all the possible grants that are available as well as the Payroll Protection Program. We still need your help. If you can, please add the BRC to your giving list. How about in honor of your own mother?


Colette Acker
Executive Director
Breastfeeding Resource Center