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Happy Mother's Day!
Many years ago, I was a young girl growing up in an ethnic neighborhood in the inner city of Chicago. I was absolutely spoiled by my father. I could ask my Dad for just about anything and he gave me just about everything I asked for. However, it was my mom who had the most influence on who I am. I was always asking her questions. For example: "Can I walk to the library with Thomasine?" "Why?" she asked. My answer was weighed by my Mom along with any hidden or perceived dangers. 
Three Generations at their family's "Mother's Day Picnic" of about 100 attendees!
Pictured is Sue, holding her daughter Jennifer with Sue's mom, Caroline, to her right.
She most often  said "Yes. Just be careful. Use your head". I was 8 and the library was over a mile and three stoplights away. Least you worry about two eight-year-old girls walking that distance by themselves, remember it was a very ethnic neighborhood and many of our relatives' homes and businesses lined our  passage.
I think it was instinctive that I tried to meet my mom's trust each time she said "Yes". She knew the wonders and challenges life offers. She was helping me learn and love through exploring first our neighborhood and then the city and its people. Good choices were rewarded with more freedom every time.

My questions never stopped. Nor did my mom ever give her consent or denial lightly. She was a natural character builder; my character 
Sue Rancak
Greenhouse Sales
 Staff & Educator
especially. She constantly let out more rope for me to explore the world safely while being tethered to home and to her.

My Mom, like so many moms, was selfless. 

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