May 7, 2020
Mark 11:22-“ Have faith in God”

This verse of scripture just says it all. During these times I know that our faith has been our sustainment. So I want to just remind you to keep on having faith and know that God is in control and will see us through.

Many of you will return to your place of worship this week. A worship experience that may look a little different than you are use to. For many of us collective worship together in one location will still have to wait a few weeks. My prayer for you is that no matter what situation you are in you will still find comfort in knowing that there is coming a time when we all can be together. Let’s not forget the mission!

I just want to give you a few prayer requests and needs for this coming week.

  • Prayer and support for our pastors on our mission fields. GBIM is asking for $100 donation to help provide support our pastors on the field as they are not having church and not receiving support from their various congregations

  • Prayer for Elida Quesada(Mexico) as her sister passed away this week due to the CORONA Virus.

  • Prayer for Lynn Oak GB as they sustained serious storm damage to their family life center.

  • Prayer for our GB churches as they begin meeting again.

  • Prayer for our missionaries as they serve and as they deal with overwhelming needs on the fields.

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