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🌷 Happy Mother's Day 🌷
Happy Mother’s Day to our Awesome #MasterYuMoms! You are the Best of the Best, and we are Richly BLESSED to know all of you. As we enter our 28th Year of being Real Martial Arts in Oak Park, we sincerely THANK YOU for allowing us to participate in the lives of your children. It is our highest honor to partner with you to promote their good health, confident demeanor, and nobility of spirit. We wish all of you a Beautiful Mother’s Day! 
Lots of news for you this week:
Children’s Color Belt Class Adjustment: Starting WEDNESDAY, May 11, 2022, we will offer the option for children Blue Belt and above to attend the later class 5:50-6:40pm INSTEAD of the earlier beginner’s class at 4:30. This will be Wednesdays only, and based on attendance/demand, we will continue to readjust our schedule to meet the needs of all our students.

Saturday Morning Class 10am-11am – for all students Blue Belt and Above (no beginners!) – We added this class at the request of many of our long-term and newer families, however we are noticing that it has not met our attendance requirements, despite our efforts to have our Master Instructors available and ready to teach the non-beginners. If this class is important to you, we encourage you to support it with your attendance: there is no extra charge to you, but the Dojhang utilizes valuable resources to make this class option available. 

Please contact with your input/questions on class scheduling.

Check out our current class schedule on the website.

TEST DAY Saturday, June 4, 2022 – We have been getting ready! Please REGISTER for your test in advance. Submit your test application to and test fees via Zelle or just stop in to register. Pre-registration is required for testing. 
-     Sat, September 10, 2022
-     Sat, December 10, 2022
Students BlueBelt and above (+ lower ranks with Master’s invitation) are invited to take advantage of these awesome training opportunities. You build your strength, skill and martial artist’s mind, and improve your martial arts performance in every way possible!

We purposely schedule these before our regularly scheduled classes. Pre-registration is encouraged: we have a 10-student minimum, 20-student maximum and custom-plan curriculum to enrollment. All special training camps developed and led by Supreme GrandMaster Yu. 

1.  AIRBORNE KICKS Mini-Camp: June 20-24, 2022 – Monday through Friday; 2:45-4:00pm. A Condensed version of our popular conditioning camp to elevate your kicks and break-through the musculature and flexibility barriers that may be holding you back from pure airborne kicking joy! $325/week; $75/day (minimum 3-day camp attendance strongly encouraged)

2.  ARTISTIC WEAPONRY featuring the TwinSticks and Nunchauka: August 1-5, 2022; 2:00-4:00pm. Extend the reach and repertoire of your skills! Students learn practical self defense moves, sequences and fluid, artistic forms. A Master S. H. Yu Martial Arts Original workshop: all sequences and forms developed and choreographed by Supreme GrandMaster Yu. It is our greatest honor and pleasure to bring back this training after a 2-year hiatus. 

$425/week; $100/day (minimum 3-day camp attendance required) If you are NEW to this practice, there is a $40 materials fee for your practice sticks and nunchauka.

3.  AIRBORNE KICKS – 5-day INtenSIVE!: August 8-12, 2022 – Monday through Friday, 2:00-4:00pm. Beyond conditioning, the technical mechanics of the many airborne kicks, which may include jump sidekick, doublejump front kick, jump spin wheel kick, scissors kick. Make TigerEyes and sign-up now!

$395/week; 95/day (minimum 3-day camp attendance strongly encouraged)

Registration/More Info:
NinjaCampers: NinjaCamp for children 6-infinity is planning a comeback for FALL 2022 – Columbus Day! Watch for it!

A final note: As we look around the Dojhang and see all of our Blue/BlueStripe Belts, we are compelled to recognize your incredible effort in stepping forward one year ago as we re-opened to live classes during the pandemic. Along with our returning students, and those who have come after you, we are truly grateful for your commitment and passion for health and martial arts excellence. THANK YOU!

If our work has made a positive difference to you, please REVIEW us on Google, Facebook and/or Yelp to motivate others to join you in this awesome, empowering martial arts practice. It makes a BIG difference to us and the LIFE of the Dojhang 😊
🥳 Congratulations!! 🥳
All of your Master Instructors are Highly Trained from the Ground up by Supreme GrandMaster Yu: A Level Attained by Few!
Congratulations Master Enloe!
Congratulations to our new 3rd Dan KyosaNim/JuniorInstructor Robbie! Proof there's NO LIMIT to your AWESOME
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