The Corona Chronicles/ May 8th, 2020
Happy Mother's Day Weekend
Happy Mother's Day Weekend from Vital Health and Wellness Center ! Please reach out to the Women in your life, and show them some Love and Appreciation this Weekend!

We hope that you and your families are remaining Healthy. Many states have started re-opening. Decrease your Risk of exposure to COVID-19 by doing the following:

Wear Your Face Mask, continue Physical Distancing (Stay 6 feet apart from others), Wash your Hands (after touching objects or people, and Use Hand Sanitizer with (>60% Alcohol) if you are unable to use soap and water.

Also, if you missed Governor Abbott's Plan to re-open Texas,
you can still read it in last week's newsletter.
Ideas to Celebrate Mom

  • Don't worry about going out for dinner. Cook at home, or order takeout from her favorite restaurant.
  • Make a homemade card, or create a photo album with family pictures
  • Clean the house (Great idea!)
  • Help the kids with their homework and assignments.
  • Call the Women in your Life and Show them some Love
Mother's Day Cocktail

1 Bottle of Champagne (Brut or Rose is preferred)
16 oz.can of Pink Lemomade Frozen Concentrate
Strawberries sliced in half for garnish on the rim
A Delicious Cocktail Mom will enjoy

Recipe Courtesy of Ida Fernandez
Happy Mother's Day!!
Stay Active at Home

  • Go for a walk (or a run) in the neighborhood
  • Ride your bicycle, indoors or outdoors
  • Join an online Fitness Group
  • Check your local gym to see if you can access home workouts
  • Find workout videos on YouTube
  • Join in a Fitness Class on Zoom (We can help you find one).
  • Visit the Resources Page on Our Website for "Our Favorite Exercise Apps" to download.
Resources for COVID-19 Information

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