May 8, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day! As a park of incredible biodiversity, Point Reyes National Seashore is the home to mothers of at least 80 species of mammals, each of whom care for their young in their unique way. Like many mothers, the Northern elephant seal mom uses vocalization to stay in touch with her young. Today we offer you the gift of sound from our friend Mark Lipman, a soundscape artist who has been working with us to capture the Seashore by ear. Close your eyes and have a listen to how the mama elephant seal communicates with her pups. 
Adama Bryant, Executive Director of Weekend Adventures, with daughter Asha, leading a youth program at the Seashore
I’m excited to introduce you to the work of a wonderful mother, mentor, and advocate who PRNSA has been partnering with over the last year to bring children from her community in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco to Point Reyes National Seashore. Adama Bryant is the founder of Weekend Adventures (more details below), one of our Youth in Parks partners. I loved spending time with Adama in April for a series of visits to the Seashore and admire her for her warm and infectious commitment to children, community, and the healing power of nature.
Wishing you a day of celebration of Mother Nature and the moms in your life!
Donna Faure
Executive Director
Elephant Seal Sounds
Elephant seals are known to be loud, especially when moms and pups are involved. Mother elephant seals can recognize their pups via smell and sound. For this reason, much like human moms, elephant seals use vocalization to communicate with each other, keep their loved ones close, and keep young pups out of harm's way.

PRNSA California Naturalist 2021 graduate Mark Lipman recently had the chance to go out among the elephant seal colony at Drakes Beach. Guided by NPS Ranger Carlo Arreglo, Mark was able to capture the curious calls between mother and pup.

PRNSA and NPS biologists report a record high number of female elephant seals came ashore for the 2021-2022 breeding season in Point Reyes. On a day in January earlier this year, the elephant seal monitoring team counted a record high peak of 1,371 breeding female elephant seals on Point Reyes National Seashore beaches.
Photo by: Carlos Porrata, Point Reyes Open Studio
Mom & Calf Reunited
The Seashore is full of wildlife, including elk and deer. As many know, while mom elk and deer forage for food, they will often temporarily leave their young for safety. Although young calves and fawns may seem lost, they have not been abandoned, and it is illegal to “rescue” them. Often, these removals can put the calf in greater danger, as the likelihood of reuniting it with its mom is small.

Last week a park visitor found an elk calf who was waiting for its mother in the Tomales Point Elk Preserve. Not realizing that the mother would return shortly, the visitor removed the calf and transported it to the Marin Humane Society.

Dave Press, NPS’s lead biologist at Point Reyes, reported the successful reunion of the calf. Working together with park Ranger Bonnie Phillips and staff at WildCare, biologists located the distressed mother in the park and the reunited pair were seen heading into the fog together.
If you see a sick or injured animal, please leave the animal alone and contact the Point Reyes National Seashore visitor center at 415-464-5100 for assistance.
Community Highlight
Weekend Adventures is one of PRNSA’s 13 Youth in Parks partners. Weekend Adventures is a nonprofit organization that provides life shifting adventures in the arts, sciences, and the outdoors for youth grades third through eighth. The group shows youth from the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco that they belong in safe, fun spaces that open up a world of exploration and possibilities.
Point Reyes Books Event
Point Reyes Books and the Point Reyes National Seashore Association present an intimate gathering and walk with Obi Kaufmann, to celebrate the release of The Coasts of California (Heyday Books).

Each ticket to this special event includes a copy of The Coasts of California and the opportunity to walk the Coast and Laguna trail loop with the renowned artist and naturalist behind the California Field Atlas series. Proceeds from this event benefit PRNSA.
We partner with the National Park Service to create opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Point Reyes National Seashore for present and future generations.
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