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  Souls of Beauty Dwelling Amongst Us         
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Idealists dream of a perfect world-a world of peace and harmony, where all reflects the beauty of Divine life. Can such a world of beauty be contemplated as a possibility? Mystical awareness knows that what may seem to be idealistic wanderings of the imagination might be glimpses into a Higher Reality.

Anything of a true Higher Reality brings one's mind closer to Universal Consciousness or God. There are many levels of Beingness and souls that correspond to each level, and the Christ Mind that was in Jesus alluded to this Mystical Reality of Beingness in the words, "In my Father's house are many mansions." At each higher level souls draw nearer and nearer to the Universal Creative Presence or God.
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Text taken from Dr. Paul Leon Masters' Book: Mystical Insights, Knowing the Unknown - Pgs. 45-48.


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