How will you celebrate Mother's Day today? For most of us this year will be different.

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate moms and their surrogates everywhere. That is why we dedicate this Park In Place issue to human and non-human mothers alike, with some fun facts for both the kids and the curious about species and how they connect to and with their offspring.
Connecting with Your "Pod"
A group of whales are called a pod, gam, or school. Whale moms stay with their calves for about a year. Did you know that humpback whale calves "whisper" to their moms? If you'd like to learn more about marine mammals, our friends at the Environmental Action Committee (EAC) of West Marin recently hosted this presentation by Dr. Sarah Allen on the marine mammals of Point Reyes.

Out of all animal species (besides humans), elephants stay with their young the longest (16 years) and other species , such as reptiles, moths, and butterflies, grow up entirely without any help from their parents.
Super Moms
Raccoons are devoted mothers typically staying with their young for 12 - 14 months to ensure they are ready to brave the world on their own. Fun fact: a group of raccoons is called a gaze or nursery.

Bats are cool moms too. Did you know that bat moms give birth upside down?! Here are some fun facts about these "super moms" which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. If you would like to watch the recording of last Thursday's virtual "Brown Bag" bat presentation, it can be found HERE . Our presenter, Gabe Reyes , suggested the book Stellaluna if you would like to introduce bats to kids.
Snowy Plover Hatch!
T he first Western snowy plover nest hatched at North Beach!

Young plovers leave their nest within three hours of hatching. They walk, run, and forage unassisted by parents, but require periodic brooding for many days after hatching. A group of plovers has many names: a "brace", "congregation", "deceit", "ponderance" and "wing" of plovers. Find out more about plovers in Point Reyes .
Photo taken May 9, 2020 by
NPS Snowy Plover Biologist Matt Lau
We can't express our appreciation enough for all of you who are showing up at our virtual events, reading our Park In Place newsletters , and sticking with us during this time. Please continue reading below for a special "Mother's Day gift" and a description of an event we think you won't want to miss.

Wherever you are, we wish you and your pod, nursery, ponderance, or gaze a wonderful Mother's Day and the opportunity to connect with those you love.

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Mother's Day Gift!
What is Mother's Day without handing mom a bouquet of flowers or taking her out for a hike in your favorite park? While you may or may not see flowers near you or be able to hike with mom at your favorite park, below we offer you a virtual "bouquet" and exploration of the native flowers of Point Reyes National Seashore.
Wildflowers of Chimney Rock
Video produced by Gary Cuevas in May 2017
Virtual Author Talk with Point Reyes Books
Lighthouse close up taken shortly after restoration.
Saturday, May 23 - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
SLIDING SCALE - donations benefit PRNSA

Join Point Reyes Books and PRNSA for a virtual event to celebrate the publication of Jazmina Barrera's On Ligthhouses . Jazmina is a rising literary star in Mexico and we are excited to help introduce her first book translated into English. She will be joined by natural history writer Philip Hoare for a conversation on lighthouses, the ocean, and our relationship with peril and safeguarding at the edge of the sea. We will open the event with reflections on our own Point Reyes Lighthouse.

REGISTER HERE for this sliding scale event, co-sponsored by Point Reyes Books. Instructions and link will be provided upon registration.
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