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 Mother's Day 2016            
Mom Can Do It!
It's back....Mother's Day 2016...Deja vu all over again.  It falls on May 8th this year (my husband's birthday.  He was actually born on Mother's Day).  Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.  My question is...if we are going to keep celebrating this made up holiday, aren't we entitled to a designated date so we don't leave the celebration part up to chance?  

Apparently there are 84 million Moms in the U.S.  The average amount of money spent on Mother's Day is $170.00, for a whopping total of 20.7 billion dollars!  Second to Valentine's Day, more meal reservations are made for Mother's Day than any other holiday.  Do these expenditures make us feel loved?  When I was young I still remember my Dad giving my Mom ice trays and a can opener from my brothers and me.  She went to her room, locked the door and stayed there for the rest of the day.  I was devastated by her reaction.  I've been known to express my "mother's day blues" via blog posts in previous years.  

I feel lucky this year, however.  I'm spending Mother's Day weekend with both of my kids, and I'm receiving a really cool gift.  My daughter is graduating from the University of Baltimore with an MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) in Creative Writing and Publication.  She had to publish a book as her thesis project and will be reading an excerpt.  I'm a big fan of education and degrees.  I suspect there will be meals as well. Yum!
Boomer Grandparents Play Mom and Dad Part-Time

Featured on  CBS Sunday Morning  was a story entitled, "Boomer Grandparents Play Mom and Dad Part-Time". Leslie Stahl reported that the cost of childcare often exceeds the cost of college, and boomer parents are stepping in to help. Former President of Wheaton College, Tish Emerson, is now a "granny nanny" (Leslie Stahl's term, not  mine) for twin grandchildren who say she is critical to their lives, taking them to skating practice, feeding them, and offering her apartment for homework time.   As a busy college president she says she missed many of these experiences with her own children. Emerson confessed she needs her grandchildren as much as they need her. "It's a chance to see things develop with your grandchildren you were unable to do with your own kids, working full time. It's kind of a second life, a second chance. When you are a working parent, time is your enemy. When you are a grandparent, time is different and you are able to be more relaxed."  Read more by clicking here. 
Mother's Day Survey

I love collecting data about Lady Boomers.  Please take 2 minutes to complete this short Mother's Day survey.  Results will be shared next month.  Thank you!

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