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February, 2011

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February 24th is National Conductive Education Day!


luke Cerebral palsy continues to be the most common cause of motor disability affecting over 800,000 Americans.  According to the Center for Disease Control (2008), Cerebral palsy (CP) is on the rise in the U.S. and impacts an average of 1 in 278 children. Yet sadly, the U.S. still continues to rely on a traditional medical intervention model that has become overwhelmingly expensive to deliver and significantly limits access to therapy services, especially children living in low income or un/under insured households.


While traditional therapy may be effective for a child who has suffered a broken arm or leg, it is not effective for a child with complex needs like cerebral palsy. Despite current research that supports intensive motor training, children with physical disabilities are not receiving necessary services. Children that face access barriers to motor training programs are at a higher risk for the development of secondary health problems, such as obesity, bone deformities, muscles and joint contractures, pain, and reduced mobility.  


So....What is Conductive Education?


kidConductive Education, often described as rehabilitation through learning, was founded by Dr. Andras Peto in Budapest, Hungary, in 1948. Peto devised this unique, intensive group method of special education, which expects and demands active learning and participation by the child in attempting to overcome his/her motor disability (i.e. cerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, cerebral vascular accidents, etc.).     CECO is proud to have three highly trained conductors on staff, two of which studied at The Peto Institute in Hungary!


One of the primary elements of Conductive Education is the group setting. The social context works as a powerful incentive while allowing for individualization and adjustment to personal needs. The group motivates the child to complete tasks, encourages accomplishments, and supports confidence and effort. At CECO we have 4 classes with 6 children working in the very same type of group setting.


jerryConductive Education focuses on the whole person, recognizing physical, social, intellectual, and emotional aspects of learning. The child develops autonomy and self-esteem through taking responsibility for their own movement. Focus is on functional skills such as dressing, feeding, and walking. Ultimately, Conductive Education contributes to the overall complex development of the personality.


Today, we hope you celebrate National Conductive Education Day with us! Please forward this on to anyone you might know who is passionate about Conductive Education or helping children with motor disabilities.



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Come join CECO, on April 5th as we cheer on the Orlando Magic when they take on the Milwaukee Bucks in the new Amway Arena! CECO is selling tickets for $25! If you or anyone at your company would like to buy tickets, please call or email.

CECO will earn $5.00 for every ticket we sell!!  


Orlando Magic Vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Tuesday, April 5th @ 7:00pm

$25 Per Ticket  

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 CECO 10th Anniversary Golf Classic

Interlachen Country Club  -   Monday,  May 2nd  

 10:30am: Brunch   -   11:30am: Shotgun Start



Sponsorships are still available. For more information call:

Ryan Donelson at 407-673-5137 or email at Ryan@cecfl.org

Ryan Donelson

Development Director
Conductive Education Center of Orlando, Inc

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