How long have you been a nurse for?

I have been a nurse for 36 years!

Where do you currently work?

I work at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga in the ICU.

What is your favourite part about being a nurse?

I love the people I work with and helping people, of course!

Has covid-19 affected the level of precaution you take while at work?

Yes, absolutely! We are now required to wear full PPE and be hypervigilant while caring for ALL patients. Not that we do not always take extreme measures, but the level of care and protection we must now take is even more heightened.

What has it been like working in the front-line during this pandemic?

Stressful! The unknown circumstances are definitely scary. You hear of other nurses working in the same hospital getting sick with Covid-19, which causes a lot of anxiety for everyone.
During this time especially though, I'm so grateful for all the patients, families, co-workers, and the public who have shown SO much love for myself and other front-line workers. It's been incredible.

Have you had a chance to visit or see the Smilezone at the other THP site?

Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to visit yet, but I have heard so many great things about Smilezone Foundation and the work that you do.
I'll tell you one thing - I sure wish I could see a Smilezone every time I go into work these days. Even just a pop of colour or the artwork would be so beneficial to everyone...patients and staff!
Everyone could use a smile right now!