Earth Elements would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays! For this newsletter we decided to ring in the New Year with some new items that we think are unique and need to be shared with everyone else.

The EE slab team is very excited to announce the new additions to the PentalQuartz product lines! They recently added six new colors to their classic and natural collections. These colors help round out their already popular natural stone looks. In addition to expanding their color selections, they have also added a honed finish to four of their most popular colors, allowing for more freedom in picking the perfect slab for your home. 

A new addition to EE, Sonneman is bringing some fresh new options for your lighting selection. One of our current favorites is the Cantina light. The flat, oval like glass structure suspended from a thin cable allows it to rotate randomly, creating a piece of kinect art. The singular point of LED illumination within the void of the larger space helps to create a special light source. The Cantina can be hung individually, in multiples, or with spreaders to form larger arrangements. 

For decades Asko has been making their dishwashers from steel, allowing for durability and functionality, all the while remaining elegant. Just as they have been doing from the beginning, Asko continues to innovate new products which make usability even easier.  Asko's new line of dishwashers have an enhanced top-mount hidden control panel to showcase a cleaner exterior front, an improved filtration system, and are quieter than previous models. 
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A branch of Sun Valley Bronze, Reveal Designs is one of the leading US manufacturers of modern hand-crafted hardware. As residential and commercial construction is expanding throughout the US, the modern design aesthetic is becoming more popular. Reveal Designs creates architectural hardware by combining natural materials and metal, resulting in a truly unique piece of functional art for your home.

As decor in houses continues to change, cabinets are often times overlooked and can lack consistency with the rest of the house. Hallmark has realized this and has recently released a new addition to their selection, and now offers cabinets with reclaimed rustic wood and stainless steel. Reclaimed wood options include Beech, Fir, and Oak. Not only will these cabinets retain their quality for years to come, but they also come with unequaled service and integrity. 

Watermark is known for the ability to customize most all of their fixtures, but now with the release of the Elements Collection, they have set the bar high in terms of customization. The collection is made up of handles, covers, bases, inserts, and faucet bodies. All in all, there are over 350,000 different design option combinations. EE is excited to offer this to our customers, as it will help you to choose exactly what you like and what will fit your home the best.
Years in the making, Artistic Tile and Michael Aram came together and made the Michael Aram collection. This collaboration creates exciting synergy, combining Aram's designs into some of the finest ceramic tile. The designs used for the tiles draw from some of his previous jewelry and decorative home object collections, but transfers their aesthetics into tiles which are then glazed in metallic bronze, steel, or glossy white. 


The ability to have hardwood flooring is easier than ever with the Orleans Collection from Artistry. The engineered planks create a durable material, making it substantially more stable than many plywood core hardwood flooring. By using their multilayer UV oil finish system and heat-infused fuming and carbonizing processes, it allows the colors to permeate deeper,  resulting in less maintenance required when compared to typical hardwood floors.
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