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January - What you need to know!
January Pests - Subterranean Termites?

Subterranean Termites are social insects that live in colonies consisting of many individuals. The colonies are composed of workers, soldiers, and reproductives.

The workers are very small, 1/8th of an inch, have no wings, are white to cream colored and very numerous. Soldiers defend the colony against insects, like ants, that can attack the colony. Soldiers are wingless and white in color with large brown heads. King and Queen Termites perform the reproductive functions of the colony ....

Party Planners for Southwest Florida
Many times the person planning an outdoor event goes to great detail on all the aspects, but forgets about the possibility of having insects spoiling the guests pleasure with bites, stings, or just being a nuisance pest on the food or on the guests.

We can provide a pest free outdoor environment for any party you may be planning.  First, we go to the location 4 days prior to the event and place an electronic insect trap away from the area where guests will gather will gather....

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Golden Gate Estates - The Haytons and Spiders
Marty Durham - Golden Gate Estates
Marty Durham lives in the estates and has a busy career in human resources at a private school in East Naples.    She doesn't have time to worry about pests and has used the services of Collier Pest Control for over 25 years at both home and work.

"I like that they come when you call them," says Marty.   "And I don't have to manage them at home or work."

"Once our technician was training a new technician and forgot to tell him about Suzy, the pot belly pig," Marty laughs.  "So when they came through the front door with the key I gave them, the new technician was quite startled to be greeted by Suzy's grunts......

The Honey Bee - A sweet thing, or myth?
Honey Bees get their name from the sweet yellowish to brownish fluid they make from the nectar of flowers and use as food. 

Honey Bees not only provide honey and wax, but as pollinators are of far greater importance.  They are responsible for a large share of insect stings, although many stings blamed on bees are actually done by yellow jackets. 

More people die of allergic reaction to Bee stings than of rattle snake bites each year.  Bees can only sting you once.. . .....

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Here's Some Really Cool Pests To Learn About
Big Headed Ants - Keep Coming Back To Visit?

The Big Headed Ant is often misidentified and confused with either a pharaoh ant or a fire ant worker. 

All of these ants have 2 nodes between their abdomen and thorax, are yellow to reddish brown in color and have a three section club antenna.  The Big Headed Ant has two distinct sizes of workers..
. . .... .

Meet Our Staff - Jesus Centeno
I have been with Collier Pest Control for over 9 years.
I am married to a wonderful person, my wife Guadalupe, and have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. My oldest daughter is attending Florida Gulf Coast University and wishes to work in the field of international relations. My son is now going to school in Missouri, and my youngest is a junior at Lely High School.

I worked in the fast food business for over 14 year before joining Collier Pest Control.

On June 12, 2012 I advanced my career in Pest Control by passing the Florida State General Household Certification Exam.

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Collier Express - Treating Your Home Safely
The Collier Express takes advantage of today's technical advancements in pest control products and delivers it to you in an exterior pest control treatment that includes interior treatments only, at need, if a problem would occur.  Our Collier Express protects and controls the outside of your home from unwanted pests.

On our very first visit we will perform an extensive crack and crevice treatment to every part of the interior of your home.  We will treat all crack and crevices, voids and gaps, receptacles, plumbing and electrical pipes, and all construction gaps around the cabinets and vanities in your kitchen and bathroom..... .

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Collier Pest Control was awarded the Super Service Award again for 2014
Ann Kamenicky Testimonial for Collier Pest Control

Collier Pest Control, Southwest Florida's Pest Authority, wishes to thank all of the Angie List Members for giving Collier Pest Control positive reviews and reports on their network!  


After Angie's List received all of your positive reviews over each of the past years, Angie's List awarded Collier Pest Control with their Super Service Award for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  This means we received A rated reports....


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Occupational Discounts
Collier Pest Control, Southwest Florida's Pest Authority, wants to be supportive of our community and the people that make it work! Collier Pest Control thinks very highly of all people that offer their life to the betterment of our community with their life work. This is why we are a offer pest control OCCUPATIONAL DISCOUNTS to all public service people of our community. Read More - Click Here
Offer Expires 1/30/2016. Proof of service may be required before applying the discount. Excludes Rodent Proofing and Termite Services.
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