Flowing with 2017
Dear Beautiful Spirits, 
2016, is now behind us!  

As we settle into Winter, this energy of review and going within, helps us to bring forward the very BEST of the past year -

the brilliant successes,
the risks that paid off,
the personal growth,
the courage, bravery, determination, and strength,
the challenges and discomforts that our spiritual alchemy has successfully transformed into wisdom, understanding, and peace!  

As 2016, cleaned out many obstructions, blockages, and resistance - it is now time to flow!  You can visualize this flow of your life like a flowing river.  The dead logs, old leaves, stagnant pools have all been replaced with momentum, clarity, and more life force energy.  In 2017, this flood of new energy accelerates.  This year, whatever you are focusing on, you will flow full force towards it.  Utilize this gift by being clear about what you are wanting to achieve.  

To grow in 2017, one simple practice that can have amazing results, is to create a visual compass to represent the New Directions of this year. Start by drawing a circle and dividing it into four equal parts.  
The four equal parts represent balance in the central areas of your life.
Center into your Awakened Self (the place of peace, calm, connectedness within), and in each section of the circle, place one of these words at the top: MENTAL * EMOTIONAL * BODY * SPIRIT.  In the center, what goals do you have for self-improvement in each of these areas?  How can you guide or lead each of these parts of your life to the joyful, awakened, peaceful version of yourself that is intended for you?  
You may even choose a theme or mantra word that represents the overall energy you are anchoring into your life.
Write down what support can you give yourself to achieve these goals?  How can you move towards this every day?
As you review each area,
 what areas will you invite the Divine and your Higher Self in?  What support can you ask of the Divine, your Higher Self, and your Spirit Guides in these areas?    Do so!  Ask for help, understanding, guidance, and support.
Finally, the outer areas outside of this circle are devoted to Service.  What are some ways you can give back and offer love in an active way this year?  
Remember to create this vision in that sacred place of connection and peace, to ensure you are creating with the Divine paintbrush rather than the  Ego-centric.  

Make copies and hang this in multiple, easily accessible places.  Review it once a week to see how in alignment you are with your new direction.  You may need to refine some things as you gain further clarity and understanding - that is okay, let your compass for the year evolve and grow just as you are!  If you do this and sincerely allow your compass to lead you forward, the possibility for fulfillment and change is limitless!

Many Blessings & Light, 
Christina Wooten

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