December 2014
No. 3

World Masters Athletics Rankings News
December News and Highlights 
Rankings System Funding Needed!
A huge thank you to all who have contributed, advised and helped.  The fundraising efforts have not yielded any support so this system is still in jeopardy of being discontinued. I am changing things with the fundraising strategy ans will be working hard on those early next month so I am still hopeful to obtain the sustainable funding. The funding is obviously very important so I will send an email within the next two weeks giving more information on my fundraising methods. You can help this site continue by:
  • Donating and encouraging those who can afford to and think this is worthy of support to donate.  Click here to donate
  • Sending Rankings Prospectus to people who you think may be interested in supporting this system.  Some of you have come up with some less conventional rankings supporters like a billionaire who is an avid sportsman and an assistant to a company president who is very empathetic of this mission because of his father's participation in masters sports.  Click here for more information and prospectuses  
  • Post a testimonial to the site and encouraging others to do so (this will help potential Benefactors and Corporate Partners understand how much this system benefits). Click here to post a testimonial 
  • Visit the site often and encourage others to do so.   
Is the glass half full or empty?

I think about what I have accomplished in the month for you all when I sit down to write these newsletters.  Any visitor won't see much difference in the quantity of results between this month and last so does that mean I haven't accomplished much?  It seems like I have more emails (over 3000) and meets (over 2000) than ever awaiting processing - I am very blessed with plenty to do!

This month has been more devoted to things for's future so I have barely visited / maintained Facebook, processed & uploaded results, taken longer to respond to emails... The potential of some of what is being developed and what is coming in is really exciting and is the half full glass that keeps motivating me to continue to pursue this effort.  Several people have sent me complete national (or specific event) rankings, complete major meet results to convert and upload as well as people uploading results ready to process.  This will add well over 10,000 results when I finish processing them within the next few weeks.  You will see major differences in South American, Australian, South African and several nations' hammer results / rankings as a result.   

I post notifications on the Facebook page when I upload meet results. Remember that the notifications I post to Facebook do not go to all who liked the page so you will need to check the Facebook pages for all of the notifications. Click here to go to the Facebook page

Anyone who wants to help can click on the link below and use this workbook to enter results for uploading and processing.  Contact me if you have questions or need some guidance.
Awards Available!
US Athletes who are Top 25 ranked in the final season ranking can order certificates, patches and event tags commemorating their achievement. Awards can be ordered for a Top 25 ranking from 2007 through the 2014 indoor season. Other items like plaques, apparel and bags will be available in 2015. Click here for more information on these and the other planned awards.
Keep sharing the news!
There are many people out there who do not know they are nationally and world ranked and people who are not receiving these newsletters.  Please forward this email to your athlete friends and encourage them to add their name to the mailing list (they can click on the Join Our Mailing List icon at the bottom of this email).  

Do you have multiple citizenships (repeated from November's Newsletter)?
Any individual with multiple citizenships can now appear on each national and regional list. Several athletes profiles have been updated with your citizenships. Any athlete that has multiple citizenships and has not been updated should email me your name, the countries where you are a citizen, effective dates for each country (include end date if you changed citizenship - all others will be handled as multiple citizenships) and the "primary" country.  The primary country will be the one which is shown on all the main rankings lists.  You will be able to see your ranking on your profile page for all of your citizenships and the appropriate WMA region.

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