reserveHow to sell reservations and turn reservations into sales

Some organizations offer reservations to groups, or special patrons. If you do offer reservations, how do you handle them? For accounting purposes, it's crucial they are done correctly, so the books balance. 

Even though you may have been doing them a certain way for a long time, please review these posts to confirm you are using best practices, or to see if there are more effective and efficient ways to make reservations and convert them to sales.

customNeed custom work done for Wintix or Webtix?

It's a new year and a time to think about things we want to accomplish in 2020. Maybe there is a kind of report you'd like to be able to run in Wintix. Perhaps you'd like to improve the look of your Webtix with more branding or graphics.

We do custom work all the time for a very affordable fee. We even have a Custom Service Form on our website to start the process. Sometimes, we can even figure out a solution that is already built into the software.

Let's get to work! 
firefoxHomeland Security warns against attacks in Firefox browser

If you use Mozilla Firefox to browse the internet, it's vital that you update the browser ASAP.  United States Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) says there is a vulnerability in older versions that can allow attackers to control a user's entire operating system. 

chromeDid Chrome tell you your data was exposed? 
Remember to regularly change your password

Do you use Chrome as your internet browser? 

Google's latest version of Chrome is now reporting of cases when they believe that your account credentials have been exposed in a data breach. They don't specify where or when it occurred. Chrome only reports that the breach did occur at some point. 

Since a new year is a good time to refresh our commitment to better living, we humbly remind you that you should change your passwords on a regular basis. 

updateHow to you spell "latest software build"?

If you are using Wintix 6
Your software will automatically update, but it requires that you close and reopen the program.  You can also manually download an update.

If you are using Wintix 5
Please be advised we are no longer updating this version, but you should still have the latest version, which is 11/20/19.
Contact [email protected] for information about upgrading to Wintix 6.

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