Newcastle Chamber Update January 14 2023
Happy New Year!
Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous 2023!! The New Year marks a chance for a fresh start. Time to forget about the past few years with its trials and tribulations.
Review your business. Is it as efficient as it could be or needs to be? Do you have a planned direction for the upcoming year? What steps have you taken to move forward in a positive way?
Take time to reflect on what, if any, the weaknesses are of your business. In so many cases the issues are a result of a lack of expertise by the business owner. Businesses that are the most successful are those that utilize the services of people/business that are proficient at their service. As a chamber member you have a myriad of resources at your disposal. I strongly encourage you to use them. The key is simple - utilize people that do what they do best and LET them do it!
Last Chance To Not Miss Out!
The Chamber is working hand in hand with Durham College and as such we are sponsoring the Durham College Marketing Competition. We have been asked to supply two business cases (one for each round) that focus on a business marketing issue. Five cases will be provided to Durham College and two will be selected for use. The Chamber is sponsoring this event as an opportunity to assist the College and give our members valuable input at no cost to them. A win/win opportunity. The Chamber will also be involved by providing a guest speaker (another opportunity) as well as judges for the presentations.
Here are some suggestions of elements that would be considered:
  • Targeting a new demographic (consumer or business)
  • Launching a new product, service, or event
  • Launching a new online marketing initiative
  • Launching a marketing promotion campaign
  • The problem should be something that can be addressed in the timeframe of the competition: The teams at Durham College will have a 30-minute window to come up with ideas.
  • Please provide a written paragraph about your marketing challenge for consideration. Durham College will review your challenges, and if selected, that business will provide more details for the case.
Did You Know?
When you join the chamber, you have to claim your listing in order to make contact changes, update services etc.
To help with this process we created step-by-step videos.
Step 1: Claiming a Business Listing:
Step 2: Logging in and Editing your Listing:
We would like to thank you
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Newcastle & District Chamber of Commerce.
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