Happy New Year!
I hope you were able to have a lovely holiday season despite the chaos around us.

Someone once said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it”. Given the situation in Ontario (and everywhere else) and because I’m suffering from an extremely painful reaction to my booster shot, this email could be end up being very short. My fingers aren’t happy that they are being tasked with typing, so if this email is a bit erratic, we’ll just blame my fingers!

For today’s email, even though winter has only just begun, I believe we’re all looking forward to a “Change of Seasons” There’s also so much noise going on in the “background”, how do we know where to turn? Many of us might be looking “ad astra” (looking to the stars) for answers.

Lucky for us, we have a bit of all three this week with “A Change of Seasons” from Holly Taylor, a new selection of “Modern Background” by Zen Chic and “Astra”, the new collection from Janet Clare.

A Special Note...

To Healthcare Workers, Education Works and All Essential Service Providers, two words....

In-Store Shopping Update
Quilters Cupboard is currently OPEN for drop-in shopping at a reduced capacity. Like so many other businesses, we are trying to manage staff levels as best we can under extremely challenging conditions. As a result, we have decided to remain CLOSED on Saturdays until further notice. In addition, should the need arise, we might need also further restrict capacity on a short-term basis, if we feel that is the only way we can ensure service levels and adhere to safety protocols. If you arrive when our capacity is reduced, we ask for your patience and we will let you in as soon as we are able.
Please Be Kind…

After almost 2 years, everyone is under considerable mental strain and just like you, we too are ready for COVID to be over. With that in mind, we ask you to be kind. While we are trying our best to maintain service levels, we will be shorthanded at times. We are dealing with supply chain issues, staffing issues and ongoing changes to government restrictions. There will be days when it takes us longer to do the simplest of things, but we will get them done.

Respect Masking and Physical Distancing

When you visit us in-store, please make sure that you have a good quality mask and that you wear it properly. We also remind you to respect physical distancing. The extra shelving and planters we’ve placed beside the cutting tables are there for a reason and we ask that you respect those added barriers. If someone asks you to step back a bit, it’s not being done out of rudeness. We are trying to do what we can to stay safe and remain open.

Classes – On Hold Again

We had hoped to resume classes this month but have once again put any such plans on hold. We won’t be making any class announcements until the current crisis has passed.
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Change of Seasons by Holly Taylor
Are you ready a change of season already?

Just as the colours of each season changes, this collection brings a change to the Holly Taylor colour palette. The nature elements we love are still there, but they’re printed in cooler, calmer shades. There is magic in Change of Seasons, and we all need a little bit of magic as well as a sense of calm right now.
The complete Change of Seasons collection is available in-store and online now.

Precuts Available! Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles, as well as Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Squares are available. Bring a sense of calm to your next project or add them to your stash.

We're still working on some project inspirations for this collection. So many ideas, so little time!
Even More Paper by Zen Chic
Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the background noise these days? Even More Paper, the latest Modern Backgrounds collection from Zen Chic is almost guaranteed to have the opposite effect. Low volumes are unsurpassable companions for colourful fabrics when it comes to adding interest to a quilt and giving it that certain something. Zen Chic’s Paper and More Paper series have proven this time and again and are set to once again with Even More Paper.
You can choose from 15 different prints from the Even More Paper collection with prints available in 3 colourways - Eggshell, White and Steel.
Bundles Available! 5-piece Fat Quarter and Half Metre bundles are available in-store and online in Eggshell, White and Steel.
Looking for Inspiration?

Norine was inspired to bring some of these backgrounds home so that she could make the quilt Spin Cycle from a book called Scrap School. She's had her eye on this quilt for quite some time and was waiting to find the right fabrics. Now she's found them!
Scrap School - Book Available!

Bring the classroom into your sewing space as you learn from expert quilters how to get the scrappy look you love. Following the wildly popular Sisterhood of Scraps, author and designer Lissa Alexander has gathered more super-talented designer friends to share a dozen scraptastic quilt designs. Not feeling confident with colour selection? Unsure of what fabrics to add to the mix? Want to know what makes a scrap quilt sing? Tips and tricks are inside for all this and so much more to help you make the most of your fabric stash! Lissa and her handpicked crew of "instructors" show you how to get an A+ (for awesome) on your next scrap quilts. Scrap School is in session!

Regular Price: $35.99
Astra by Janet Clare
Do you find yourself looking ad astra (to the stars) for answers now more than ever before?

Astra is the latest collection from Janet Clare for Moda Fabrics. It joins the great many collections arriving these days that fall into the ‘better late than never’ category. Janet’s inspiration for this collection came from watching the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch which led to daydreaming about the wide unknown above us. She started doodling stars and constellations and even began creating galaxies. Before she knew it, she had a sketchbook of ideas and a new fabric collection on the way.
Janet’s ‘wish upon a star’ is that the Astra Collection will encourage you to create quilts for all the star gazers in your life!
Fabrics. Bundles and Kits Available!

To help you achieve Janet's wish we have put together bundle assortments that offer a great selection from the collection. While unfortunately we were not able to bring in the complete collection, we only left a few stars unturned pulling this together! Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles include 16-pieces from the collection, while the Charm Packs and Layer Cakes include 2 of each of 21 fabrics.
The Stars Aligned for the Tri-Star Table Runner!
One of the reasons we fell in love with this collection is that we just knew it would look heavenly in the Tri-Star table runner. This table runner was a five-star hit with Janet Clare's previous collection, The Blues, and we knew that it would do just as well in this collection.

Of course, you know by now that the Tri-Star table runner is one of our absolute favourites. Once you make one for yourself in these Astra fabrics, you will soon see why!

Kits Available!

Finished Size: 15" x 32"

Kit Includes: Pattern, fabric for the table runner top, including binding. Backing is NOT included.

Regular Price: $25.99
Many Other Kit Options Available!

If you find yourself with more time to spend in your sewing room, the Tri-Star table runner is a great way to achieve gratification without the pressure of a bigger project. With kits available in some of our favourites including French General, Kansas Troubles, Kim Diehl, Laundry Basket Quilts and many, many more... there's a little something for everyone!

Need more convincing? As one of Quilters Cupboards Favourites, there's even an instructional video to walk you through the entire process!
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