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Blue Hills Sports & Spine's Monthly Newsletter
January 2017                                                                                      Issue # 71
Stick With Fitness In 2017!

With a New Year starting, many are making a new commitment to exercise, fitness and health. Many people start a program every year but end up quitting for a number of reasons. To help people overcome some of those barriers, we have put together some helpful hints and tips to hopefully keep you moving in 2017. At Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we understand the importance of exercise and how it can help people avoid injury and maintain a life full of activity and fun. Click here for our helpful tips and good luck in sticking with your fitness goals in 2017!
Practice Safe Shoveling

It's Winter in New England. Some years we get lucky and don't get as much snow as other years, but you can pretty much guarantee you will do some shoveling this year. Depending on the type of snow and how much shoveling you have to do, it can be quite a workout. Just like any exercise or activity, following some simple safety tips can help to keep you injury free. Click here for some really helpful safety tips...and don't be afraid to share them. Also, doing some simple stretching before and after you shovel can help keep you out of our offices. Click here for a good shovelers stretching program.

Are You Ski Ready?

Every year we see a number of skiers and boarders that have injuries from doing what they love. A high percentage of those injuries occur at the latter "runs" of the day when legs are tired and weak. One way to help prevent that is to train for skiing and boarding. Even if you are a runner or regular weight trainer, you may not be doing all the right things to improve your leg strength for the rigors of skiing or boarding. For a good place to start, click here to be taken to a series of short videos on our YouTube page to hopefully help you to prevent those late in the day injuries. Should you have any questions or if you unfortunately end up with an injury, remember to contact the experts at Blue Hills Sports & Spine Rehabilitation.

Ready For Some Winter Riding?

At Blue Hills Sports & Spine we get the opportunity to help many cyclists and multi-sport athletes return back to riding again. Some have developed overuse injuries, some from unfortunate accidents and others from injuries not related to their sport at all. They all have one thing in common in the end...they want to get back on their bikes and ride hard (or harder) than they did before. We have had many of our patients tell us about how CompuTrainer riding at Cycle Life Studios has helped them improve their performance. With winter upon us and many cyclists looking to move inside to get their "ride fix" on, we reached out to the people at Cycle Life to tell us more about what they do and how they can help improve performance. Click here for their article. If you are an experienced rider, new to the sport or someone just looking to get in fantastic shape, you should really check them out. To learn more, click on their logo to be taken to their web page. Start the year getting in awesome shape!

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