presidents message Greetings and Happy New Year 2021!
One of the time-honored traditions each year is to look forward and to establish our own new year’s resolutions. Saying goodbye to 2020 was easy at the end of last year and now we are filled with some optimism for a year where we will begin to adjust to a new normal.

FAB is also ready to look forward and is excited about providing 2021 plans that will engage our members, provide support for Broward performances, and further expand our role as arts ambassadors in Broward.
Here are some of FAB’s Resolutions for the new year:
  1. To enhance our communications to FAB members to provide timely information about FAB events through various channels
  2. To expand our membership base both at the individual and corporate levels
  3. To recommend and implement revenue sustainability initiatives
  4. To return to live social events as soon as we can safely engage with one another
  5. To produce FAB events that are informational, engaging, and professionally executed

Thanks to all of you, our FAB members and friends, for your continued support during the past year. I especially want to thank our Board of dedicated members who have provided guidance and engagement as we navigated through challenges of 2020.

Happy 2021!
member spotlight
A Spring of Hope
Gail Auguston-Koppen, FAB Board member and Program Committee chair, along with her husband Ed have long been involved in philanthropy. Their efforts span the globe, from South Florida to South Africa. As avid wildlife photographers, Gail and Ed travel to South Africa regularly, and their love for the culture and community sparked a desire to give back to the country which brought them so much joy and inspiration.

In 2013, that desire led them to A Spring of Hope, and began their journey of tremendous support. Founded in 2005, A Spring of Hope started in an impoverished town with a school that had over 1200 students and no running water, and has since grown to 50 schools, with clean water, waterless toilets and permaculture gardens.

In 2015, the Koppen's adopted and sponsored Faith Burlington Crèche, a Spring of Hope school with 160 students from newborn to 6 years old. "To date, Ed and I financed the clean water borehole, raised money and built a community garden for the school, and I am currently involved in getting a Rotary Global Grant for waterless toilets for the school." said Gail.

A Spring of Hope Permaculture Center opened in the summer of 2019, with community teaching classes and gardens. Future goals for Spring of Hope include Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship and financial literacy classes; a cooking school and boutique restaurant; growing olive trees on the property and to produce and market A Spring of Hope olive oil, with aspirations of selling it in the shops at Kruger National Park and in grocery chains.

For Gail, philanthropy is total immersion in the cause or organization she supports – and A Spring of Hope and FAB! are very fortunate to benefit from that. For more information on A Spring of Hope visit them online.
corporate spotlight
Happy First Anniversary
Worth Avenue Yachts!
Worth Avenue Yachts and Funding Arts Broward are celebrating their one year anniversary in partnership as advocates and supporters of the Broward arts community. We at FAB are excited to bring in 2021 with Shannon and Brian of Worth Avenue Yachts, and look forward to another year putting forth our best efforts to continue to support our community as the leading art ambassadors of Broward! Click below to watch
a message from Shannon McCoy.
grantee spotlight
Cinderella Premiere by Dance Dimensions
Visit Fab Funded Performances for more information.

As promised the premiere of Cinderella is now available for FAB Members to enjoy. This program was produced by Dance Dimensions with the technical assistance and guidance of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.
Strict COVID guidelines were placed to ensure the safety of all.

program announcement
Join us for FAB! Presents: A Virtual Program
The Art of Outdoor Living- Landscape Architecture - Urban Design and Environmental Graphics
With: Tim Johnson of Fernando Wong Outdoor Living Design and Gage Couch of Cadence
and don't miss the Grantee Special Feature:
An Interview with Jason Hughes, Executive Director of Art Serve
Learn about the evolution of Art Serve in 2021
A Q & A will follow the program.
Tuesday, February 2, 2021 5:30PM-6:15PM
Fernando Wong & Tim Johnson
Outdoor Wong
Jason Hughes
Art Serve
Gage Couch
Thank you to our corporate partners for their continued support
board members
Ed Hashek, President
Louise Dill, Vice President
Linda Carter, Secretary
Cindy Eden, Treasurer
Jennifer O'Flannery-Anderson, Board Member
Ruth Anderson-Coggeshall, Board Member
Gail Auguston-Koppen, Board Member
Angel Burgos, Board Member
Jane Caragher, Board Member
Mike Hartstein, Board Member
Christy Lambertus, Board Member
Elissa Mogilefsky, Board Member
Karla Nickell, Board Member
Harvey Shapiro, Board Member

Francie Bishop Good, Founding Chair
Elaine Blattner, Past President
Connie Folz, Past President
Erica Hartman-Horvitz, Past President
Carolyn Lee, Past President
Jayne Mills, Past President
Drazia Simon, Past President