January 2023
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Albright Art Supply's January 2023 Newsletter

Here's to a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2023

Need supplies for upcoming art classes?
Now is the time to get the supplies you need as many
local classes begin in January!!

Remember to check out classes offered at

We have sketch boards with or without handles, Willow charcoal sticks, Tombow brush pens, pocket color wheels, and more arriving soon!!
The photos represent items we currently have in stock.

We are always adding to our inventory and will soon look over supplies needed from local classes beginning in late January and early February.
Heavy Body Acrylics
Oils from Michael Harding, Gamblin and M Graham
Daniel Smith, M Graham, & Winsor Newton Watercolors
Various Blending Tools
Blending Tools for Drawing
Conte a Paris Pencil Sets and Sanguine Pencils
Conté Pencils and Sets
Pads Blocks and More
Watercolor Pads and Sheets
New Supplies at Albright Art Supply
Canson Ingres Paper
Ingres Drawing is a 65% cotton laid paper, which is gelatin sized. The paper is colored in the pulp insuring each sheet is light resistant. It is ideal for all dry techniques and suitable for light washes. Ingres Drawing has very good erasability and blendability.

Ingres Drawing paper is 27lb. It is ideal for pastel, pencil, charcoal, sanguine ink and pen.

Ingres Drawing Paper
Watercolor Wheel
Watercolor Wheel
Different from the traditional color wheels we currently have at the shop, this wheel is designed specifically for watercolor artists. The color mixtures were created with actual watercolors!

The wheel is also painted on real watercolor paper. A Glossary of Terms can be found on the front side with Color Schemes described on the other side. A value scale is also included.
Ultra Black Mounting Board
While the photo may be misleading, the mounting board is the deepest black board on the market!

The board features two unique sides. One side is smooth that is perfect for mounting of art, posters, graphics and photographs. The other side is textured making it ideal for pastels, chalk, and acrylic paint.

The board is heavy weight for extra rigidity. Plus, it is warp resistant!
Black Mounting Board
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