The show must go on!fire
Wintix user Theatre on the Ridge reopens after the deadly Paradise fire

We are so grateful that the courageous, intrepid members of Theatre on the Ridge in Paradise, California, and their families are safe and sound! They are also going to be able to bring much needed entertainment and distraction to a community that had and continues to suffer from the tragedy of the Camp Fire.

As they write on their website:  
In a miracle among the total devastation of the Camp Fire to our community, our beloved little playhouse still stands. We're not sure what the future holds, but we will be back up and running with the 2019 Season to provide much needed love and light for our community as Paradise rises anew from the ashes. Many of us in the TOTR family have lost our homes and everything we hold dear, but we are all safe and accounted for and we have not lost our heart, which is this theatre, this miracle! #ParadiseTogetherStrong #ButteStrong
Watch an incredible interactive video from the New York Times that takes you into the heart of Paradise to see the town's spirit and experience up close and personally.

SIM AND AIM will become obsolete sometime this year,
according to

Wintix and Webtix 5 use the SIM and AIM platforms to process credit cards. SIM and AIM are slated to stop working this year. Your Wintix and Webtix 5 will continue to work (software never wears out), but it will be unable to do credit card transactions.  This means you will need to upgrade to Wintix and Webtix 6.

The way payment processing works is that a secure website (Webtix) transmits an encrypted message (via SSL) to another secure site ( That is what will stop working. Wintix and Webtix 5 can continue to run as an accounting system, distribute tickets, run reports, track donors, and everything else for which you use Wintix and Webtix.  However, processing credit cards using the SIM and AIM interfaces will no longer work.

It's time to upgrade to Wintix 6 and Webtix 6
We have been developing version 6 ever since version 5 was released over a dozen years ago. For six years now, several of our advanced clients have been using version 6 to run their businesses and have been very successful.  

A Wintix/Webtix 6 upgrade offers several new features that will benefit you.These include:
  • gift cards
  • flex passes 
  • cast comps 
  • unlimited prices and payments
  • sales items
  • fan clubs
  • scanning (uses the newly developed Scantix app for mobile devices)

These are features that will make you money and make your customers happy.

Before upgrading, let us schedule a demonstration of Wintix and Webtix 6. Contact
 support2Remember there will be 10% support increase this year

We know many of our clients plan their budgets far in advance. When you receive your service contract renewal, please note there will be a 10% increase in the service contract only. Our low rates for the Webtix subscription and data hosting will remain the same. Ticket stock prices will also remain the same. Of course, shipping via UPS has increased this year, so we do pass on shipping increases to our clients as well as any sales tax, where applicable. Thank you and please contact Diane Rowe if you have any questions.
receiptPrinting a receipt during or after a purchase

Did you know you can set up receipts to print automatically? Or you can manually print them during or after a sale? Do you know how to download the latest version of your receipt? Learn all about this and more at our Help Desk!
dateChecking your Wintix build date is an easy New Year's Resolution

It's no effort to make sure you have the latest build for Wintix. 
Go to Help | About Wintix and check the date in the gray box.
  • For Wintix 5, the build date should be 1/14/19
  • For Wintix 6, the build date should be 1/23/19
If the date is not correct, click the Download update button.
Still can't download?  Go to to the Help Desk for assistance.

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