Happy New Year and I am honored to be in the position to go into 2020 with you. This is issue # 22 and we will continue bringing you an amazing body of entrepreneurs and educational tools to aid you in your process of reaching your goals. I know this road is not easy and there are times when the load feels as if it is heavier than you can handle. Trust me, you are not alone. 
The theme of this issue is centered around some of the angst our readers my be feeling about the potential downturn of the economy. We are not focusing on the worse, but wanted to ask our featured YBEs about their way of thinking and planning around these current times.
Within this current political climate we would be foolish to believe this newly recharged American racism will not impact our businesses and lives. Regardless of your business there will be certain challenges that will be placed before you simply for being beautiful and Black. Add a sputtering economy to that mix and you will need some creative solutions and skills to navigate this new-old America. This issue is dedicated to those who will create the solutions regardless of the challenges we face. I am with you until the end and will help shoulder the load.

Okeeba Jubalo
Editorial Director
Executive Creative Director
I had a wonderful interview with the City of South Fulton Observer about our upcoming fourth installment of the Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition on Feb 15, 2020. I am honored to have you all joining us for this amazing exhibition at the Aviation Community Cultural Center as we showcase a selection of Atlanta’s most impactful Fine Artists.

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