Volume 01 | January 8, 2018
Happy New Year!
Call to Action / Council Member & Community Highlights / 2018 Grantees
Federal Budget Update -
Call to Action
As you may know, the current Federal Administration has proposed a significant reduction in the FY2018 budget for Urban and Community Forestry programs throughout the nation. The anticipated reduction, by up to 50%, would drastically and immediately impact TreePennsylvania's ability to provide vital services to Pennsylvania communities . Our current operating budget relies almost entirely on federal funding to administer programs, carry out vital requirements to maintain our 501c(3) status, and even our ability to answer the phone!

In addition, funding provided to our partners at Penn State University's Extension Urban Forestry program, which employs faculty members such as Vinnie Cotrone (highlighted below), is in serious jeopardy.

On behalf of the thousands of trees we helped communities plant, educational seminars we hosted, informational webinars we provided, grant funds we allocate, and partners we support, we ask for your integral support.

Throughout the month of January, we'll provide additional information on how Pennsylvania's urban and community forestry programs have worked to create healthy and sustainable communities for everyone.

Please take the time to call or write your district’s Congress member ( which can be found hear ) to emphasize the value of urban and community forestry .
Vinnie Cotrone
and West Pittston Borough
Vincent (Vinnie) Cotrone has served as a Regional Urban Forester and Educator with Penn State University's Extension Urban Forestry program since 1991. Vinnie provides technical assistance to 18 counties in northeastern Pennsylvania through the development of community forestry initiatives and educational programs. As a member of TreePennsylvania, Vinnie's vast knowledge of municipalities and intimate connection to communities is essential in his work with applicants and grantees.

One such community is West Pittston Borough , a 2017 recipient of a TreeVitalize tree planting grant. West Pittston received $3,600 to plant 24 trees with the assistance of local school student volunteers.

Congratulations to both Vinnie Cotrone for his ongoing dedication to Pennsylvania's urban & community forests as well as West Pittston for the successful completion of their 2017 TreeVitalize grant.

To learn more about Vinnie, please visit his Penn State Extension faculty profile page .
Welcome 2018 TreeVitalize Grantees
TreePennsylvania is excited to announce the recipients of our 2018 TreeVitalize grants . Funding, generously donated by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources , provides opportunities in 28 communities for tree plantings, community forestry management, and urban riparian buffer projects throughout the state.

Grant amounts range from $1,575 to $17,180, with a total of $196,643 allocated for more than 1,100 trees added to communities.

These grants provide opportunities for muncipalities and non-profit organizations to create more sustainable community and urban forestry networks through coordinated tree plantings, volunteer engagements, and municipal support.

Visit our Grants page for a full list of our 2018 grantees.
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