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Bulldog Spotlight:
Meet Betty Boop

Hello Bulldog People! Betty Boop checking in and I had been looking for Santa! Yep, that's right, I heard the big fella was headed to town so I got on the train headed to the North Pole only to get derailed before getting there. My wish list for Christmas was small. All I was looking for was love, a big bed, hoping for some kids to play with and maybe a dog or two. While I may not have had my wishes granted for Christmas, I decided to make them my New Year’s resolutions. So will you help me fulfill them?

I am 4 years old, and if I say so myself I am as cute as can be. I am on the smaller side, as a lady should be. I have taken great care of myself. My ears, teeth and fur are in mint condition. I gave myself a nail trim and I wanted to paint them but ran out of time. 

I've had puppies in the past and they're with their families now, so it's time for me to find my forever family. I'm a fun-loving girl; I like to have a good time all the time. I know how to high five when you put you hand up. I'm very pretty and have very good manners. I like other fur babies too!

If you consider me to be your forever Bulldog, I will promise you one thing: it will never be boring with me around! When I was a mom, someone only wanted to see and love my puppies. Now it's my turn for someone to see and love me! Here I am... I'm ready!
2019 In Review…

What an amazing year 2019 was for rescue. We firmly believe records of the past were made to be broken! Here is a brief review of what you enabled us to do in the year past.

 As we wrap up this year, we pause to reflect on what you've helped us accomplish. We give thanks to the supporters who have joined us, on the hours of volunteer work dedicated to us and most importantly, on the Bulldogs' lives that have been saved. Thank you for allowing us to follow our passion and thank you for being part of our mission. We couldn't do it without you!

Adoptions - 193
Died in care - 6
Put to sleep for human aggression - 3
Return to owner - 3

Owner surrender - 163
Transfer in - 34
Stray - 1
Return to rescue - 24
Total unique intakes - 198

Vet Bills - $335,741
More Foster Bullies = More Love!

Authored by Gabby, LSBCR alumna and frequent contributor to this newsletter

I was once a foster Bullie, marketed as an “only” dog. Fortunately, my adoptive family worked with me to become dog friendly. Little did they suspect that I was grooming them to become foster friendly. People and Bullies share huge potential for positive change and this story proves it.

Incredibly, my peeps didn’t believe that they could be fosters. Currently, we have at least three rescues plus occasional visitors padding around the BBnB and love is everywhere. We all now realize that more fosters = more love. Here is some advice for bringing more foster Bullies and more love into your hearts and homes.

Expect and Prepare for Challenges:
Challenges come in many forms. Nutrition, behavior, and equipment are the most common but solvable with all the resources and assistance LSBCR diligently and generously provides. Let’s take the easiest one first.

This includes beds, crates, bowls, toys, cleaning supplies, sometimes a folding chariot, etc. Having multiple beds spread around the home provides a measure of turf territory for us. I have my own comfy beds but will share so long as no one challenges me. We also have some mats for lolling around and a few crates so my fur friends can seek refuge. After a few days of transition, most of us hang out in open crates, play with our chew toys in peace and solitude, then rejoin the pack at our leisure. All of our comfy beds are double wrapped with plastic trash bags and clothed in cotton twin sheets. When accidents happen, the sheet goes into the washer and nothing is ruined. 

Nutrition includes food and medicines. Food can include high quality, nutrient dense meal, transitional, and special diets. My parents tag each bowl with names marked on clothes pins, so they don’t confuse who gets what. It makes feeding so much easier and more fun for everyone.

All of us are on a variety of meds, ingested or topical. My peeps keep these organized with labeled med cassette that they refill weekly. Topical meds treat ears, eyes, skin, coat, and other afflictions. There are many application techniques. Fellow volunteers and our dogtor will help with your questions. Every biped can become a minor medicine man with a little dedication and practice. 

Bullie behavior issues are the most challenging for people. LSBCR maintains a foster manual with tips on introducing new fosters, house training, aggression, and other issues. The pack order changes every time a new foster is added, or a former foster is adopted. Be cautious and patient with us. Most of us have mild temperaments and we will settle in. We understand that none of you have doctorates in doggy dynamics. Work with us so that we all know we are secure and loved.

Rarely, things do not work out because like you, we just do not like some others. You might be astonished how much influence you have with positive attitude, patience, and determination. We sense and match your efforts. On behalf of all my Bullie brethren, thank you.

Bring another foster into your life. I promise that you will derive greater blessings than you could have imagined. 

Oh, wait… I hear the dessert cart rolling by. Love, Gabby.
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