January at One.

Well here we are, this first day of 2021 and a fresh start in a new year. And while there is no certainty for what the year will bring us, and we are all filled with many doubts on what the future holds, this too can be a healthy exercise.

Embrace the uneasiness and use it to start a new hobby, learn something new, begin a new project, start healthy habits, declutter your home, organize your office, start back on your wellness journey, or just reflect on what you hope to achieve in the new year.

Whether you are looking to start a new exercise routine or pick up where you left off, if you are in need of coaching for healthy eating or to reduce inflammation, want information on how to be your own health guru, or just need guided meditation to clear your head, all of us at One. are here to help you on that journey, whatever that is for you.

We hope you read on for the latest health information and local happenings as well as how to continue to support local businesses as we all struggle to stay afloat.

One. wishes you a very blessed New Year as all of us wait our turns for vaccination with bated breath and a hopeful return to seeing you in our studio in person again.

Yours in Wellness,

Jennifer and Christina