Local News from Avon Supervisor Lisa Rusch
January 12, 2017
Illinois Secretary of State Office NEW Location...
Illinois Secretary of State Facility in Liberytville has CLOSED.

The New Facility is located at:
951 S. Rand Road
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
in the Deerpath Commons Center

HERE is a link to find out what services the new facility will offer
Round Lake Area Garden Club - Seed Swap
  The Round Lake Area Garden Club is planning the first annual Round Lake Area Garden Club Seed Swap. Mark your calendars: February 12, 2017
1 p.m. -3 p.m.  They hope to make it an annual event, but they need your help to make it a success. Gather your seeds and come out to support them.
Paratransit Market Study
Lake County Division of  Transportation is looking for community assistance on current and future paratransit needs.  
They are holding community meetings to get your input!

Click on THIS link to get more information!
Please consider attending!
Top Box is coming:  Saturday, January 14.
Top Box is happening Saturday,
January 14, 2017


Lake County Opioid Initiative
'A Way Out' Program
"A Way Out"
“A Way Out” is a Lake County, Illinois Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion pilot program, designed to fast-track users to substance abuse programs and services. This program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at participating police departments across Lake County and ensures no criminal charges will be sought for those that may be in possession of narcotics or paraphernalia, as long as assistance is sought out by the prospective program participant.

“A Way Out” is a program developed by the Lake County Opioid Initiative to create additional treatment access points, reduce crime, reduce substance-related harms, re-frame the role law enforcement plays in community safety, and unite the community. For too long, substance use has been stigmatized and dealt with as a criminal issue. Substance use is a public health problem that needs to be addressed as such. Lake County Opioid Initiative is committed to developing innovative ways to create positive change in our community as it regards substance use and mental health.  Click on the video above or the link below for more information.
Keep Avon Township WARM!!! 
WE have Hats to keep your head warm.  There is a small slip to fill out, and there is only one slip per family.  

Need a Coat?  We can help you.  Just give us a call or stop on in for more information.
*If you would like to donate new hats (store bought with tags) or hand crafted hats, gloves, mittens, blankets we will be accepting them throughout the winter.
Township Officials of Illinois Scholarships

Seven $1,500 scholarships will be awarded to
graduating high school seniors this year.

Each year since 1989, the Scholarship Fund has awarded scholarships to graduating high school seniors to continue their education at Illinois colleges/universities. Six $1,500 scholarships were given in 2016, making a total of $286,500 that has been awarded to 172 students over the years.

TOI staff checks all applications for the required elements (letters of recommendation, academic transcript, etc.) before presenting the complete applications to the Board of Directors Education Committee. Committee members establish a ranking system, and each Committee member ranks every application. The top seven this year will then be offered scholarships.

The application for the 2017 TOI Scholarship program is now available online and in the January 2017 issue of the Township Perspective magazine. Applications must be mailed to the TOI office no later than March 1, 2017.  Please contact Amy Rourke at amy@toi.org with any questions. 

Winter Driving Tips
Severe weather can be both frightening and dangerous for automobile travel. Motorists should know the safety rules for dealing with winter road emergencies. AAA reminds motorists to be cautious while driving in adverse weather. For more information on winter driving, the association offers the  How to Go on Ice and Snow  brochure, available through most AAA offices. 

AAA recommends the following winter driving tips:

  • Avoid driving while you’re fatigued. Getting the proper amount of rest before taking on winter weather tasks reduces driving risks.
  • Never run a vehicle in an enclosed area, such as a garage.
  • Make certain your tires are properly inflated.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full.
  • If possible, avoid using your parking brake in cold, rainy and snowy weather.
  • Do not use cruise control when driving on any slippery surface (wet, ice, sand).
  • Always look and steer where you want to go.
  • Use your seat belt every time you get into your vehicle.

Grayslake Police Department warning....
Grayslake has been warning their residents about a potential robbery situation:    Below is the facebook post from January 2, 2017.

To stay in touch with what is happening in your village - make sure to 'Like' the local Police Department's facebook page.
In the past few weeks elderly victims in neighboring villages have fallen prey to “Gypsy” scams also called “ruse” burglaries.

Usually, an Eastern-European or Middle-Eastern appearing male comes to the front door. The suspect may be wearing a hard hat, high visibility construction vest, or some clothing article that makes him appear “official”. The suspect also frequently drives a work truck or SUV to make it appear he is a contractor. The suspect tells the victim he is from the Village or sub-contracts for the Village and needs the homeowner to meet him in the rear entrance of the home with a bucket of hot water either to test the water pipes or after a snow storm to unfreeze his equipment.

While the homeowner is in the back yard being distracted by the main suspect, other suspects enter the home through the now unlocked front door and steal cash, jewelry, and any other valuables they can locate (usually in bedrooms).

Although this particular scam has not occurred in Grayslake, it is still important for residents to take proper precautions to keep their homes safe. If a non-uniformed subject with no Village ID comes to your door identifying himself as an employee of the Village of Grayslake, it is likely he is not. Have the subject remain outside, lock your door, and dial 9-1-1; police will respond immediately. Do not engage the subject in conversation or open your door, let police speak to the subject upon their arrival. Any legitimate employee of the Village of Grayslake will not be offended and wait for police.

Please help us help you and report any suspicious incidents when they occur to the Grayslake Police Department by calling 9-1-1.

Please note that this page is for public communication purposes only. Residents with questions or comments are encouraged to contact the Village’s Request for Service system by visiting http://www.egovlink.com/grayslake/action.asp

 or calling 847-223-8515. Thank you for your interest in the  Village of Grayslake.

We NEED Volunteers.....
Do you like to shovel?  Snow Plow?  Would you be willing to volunteer to help a  Senior in Avon Township?

We get quite a few requests from Seniors who need their driveways shoveled.  If you are able to volunteer, please give us a call.  

If you are a Senior that needs some help shoveling...  Give us a call!
Did you KNOW????
Avon Township is a drop off site for eyeglasses?
Avon Township is a drop off site for your unwanted glasses.

The Lion's Club of Grayslake collects glasses  and recycles them to be donated to those who cannot afford glasses.
Call 847-546-1446 for more info.
News from Supervisor Lisa Rusch
Hello!  Welcome to Avon Township!
Welcome to 2017!  It is the start of a new fresh year with fresh ideas for the future of Avon Township.

Avon Township is always looking for ways to improve our services with our limited budget.  In the past year we have added on our Keep Avon Township Warm program, and we have continued on with our diaper service, essentials program, backpack program, and other various programs.  But what do you think we can add to help you?  Please let us know.  We are always welcome to new and fresh ideas to keep Avon Township thriving with assistance to our residents.

Our goal is to keep you informed on issues in the area that impact you.  If you have suggestions on how we can improve this newsletter please let us know. 

If you know of residents or neighbors who you think may like to receive local news, please forward this to them and invite them to sign up.  Thanks for passing on the news. 

If you need to contact me, please call me at

847 546-1446 x 304 or stop in the office.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Lisa Rusch, Supervisor

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