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Congratulations to Akash Lal of Lal Real Estate & Development and Arcade Underground in expanding services in hospitality and growing portfolio of real asset acquisitions to include Union Hotel and River Bank Apartments at $4MM. Details to follow with an upcoming website launch, marketing campaign, and accounting services.  
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Hau Cam
Nancy Anh, CPA
Tomas Montoya, Film & Photography
David Sudarma, Web Development
Alyssa Hoang, Design/Social Media Lead

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Akash Lal | Andy Hoang | Peter Phong

Our approach is always simplicity, effectiveness, efficient, and data driven. Services for Wave Analytics include:

  • Google Analytics. Search Engine Optimization
  • Video production for amplified outreach via social media, e-blast, and website integration. Reach thousands of customers through specific geo-targeting. Your legacy filmed & amplified.
  • Metrics & Reporting - Accounting, Book keeping, & Payroll Services. Compliance and Mandatory Filings.
  • Revenue driven focus through Marketing & Branding and all data centralized and integrated to inform decision and smart planning. 

Our double black diamond members are always our top priority. Responses are within 24 hours. From planning, to filming, to finalized completed deliverables: 1-3 weeks.   Stir interest, Tell your story, & Drive Momentum .

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